The UniweigherTM modular weighbridge

Whilst modular weighbridges have been available since electronic weighing was first introduced, they have found new favour in recent years due to the increase in steel costs and reduction in the price of load cells.

A traditional modular weighbridge will comprise a first module incorporating four load cells, and additional add on modules incorporating an extra two load cells per module. These add on modules cannot be separated and used as an independent weighbridge.  This is where the UniweigherTM is so unique.

Every section is manufactured with the mounting parts for four load cells per module. This means each module can be used as an independent weighbridge. Both end sections of every module are identical, with a unique connecting pin for which a patent has been applied for. Any number of identical modules can be connected together to either end of the modules with the UniweigherTM Link (patent applied for) to form multi-module weighbridges, yet when additional modules are added to the first, only two additional loadcell mounts are used.

Multi-module weighbridges can easily be separated and returned to independent weighbridges.

The concept was born from Mettron’s own hire weighbridge requirements:

“We found with our stock of 8m and 16m weighbridges that we would sometimes have spare capacity of one size and a shortage of another. A customer needing an 8m bridge may not have space for a 16m and a customer needing a 16m could not weigh Artics on an 8m.

By designing and standardising on the 8m UniweigherTM module, we can meet every customer’s requirement every time by supplying single or multiple modules.”

Phil Braddock Director of Mettron Weighing

Four standard identical modules can be linked together to form different weighbridge sizes. Combination examples could be 4 x 8m x 3m weighbridges, 2 of 16m x 3m weighbridges, 1 of 32m x 3m weighbridge to 1 x 16m x 6m weighbridge. Many other variations for either surface or pit mounting are available. Any combination of modules can be used to suit each individual site or customer’s requirements.

“By using Mettron Weighing as our preferred weighbridge supplier we are offering our valued customers the best weighbridge currently available on the market. With Mettron’s manufacturing expertise combined with our own vehicle weighing knowledge and expertise we can offer our customers the complete weighbridge package”
Paul Moody Managing Director of Solent Scale Services Ltd


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