Ohaus Pioneer

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Combining Economy and High Performance for Essential Weighing

The PX offers high accuracy and repeatability for essential weighing applications in laboratory, industrial and education settings at an economical price point. It features a cast metal lower housing, sub-pan and stainless steel weighing pan and is durably constructed for versatile, long-term use.

The Ohaus Pioneer PX features a second line display for additional information or guidance, a static removal bar for convenient grounding, and USB and RS232 connectivity for easy communication.


  • Capacities: 52g/82g/120g/220g/320g/520g
  • Minimum weighing value: 0.01mg/0.1mg/1mg
  • RS-232 & USB
  • Weighing Pan Size: 80/90/120mm
  • AC Adapter


  • High Accuracy & Repeatability
  • Internal Calibration - Semi Automatic
  • Second Line Display
  • Cast metal lower housing, sub-pan and stainless steel weighing pan
  • 2 second stabilisation time


80850043-0000JUVT-515Wx515H-1516659882848 Anti-Theft Device - £144.50

30093334-0000N4IP-515Wx515H-1537200942598 Dust Cover - £28.20


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