3 Hidden Benefits of Counting Scales


Just one pair of counting scales in your business can rapidly increase productivity in a number of ways beyond simply saving time on counting. Here are 3 hidden benefits of counting scales.

Counting Scales are specifically engineered scales that are designed to improve the day-to-day efficiency of your business, especially if you frequently ship large quantities of small duplicate items. They allow the easy counting and cataloguing of small items in a fast and accurate manor.


Less Wasted Stock

Without a set of counting scales, an order packer must count each individual unit into the delivery before shipment. Regardless of how focused or skilled this worker is, mistakes happen and counting takes time. Whilst this alone isn’t much of a hidden benefit, it’s often the case that a worker will over compensate by adding a few extra units in the package to insure against a miscount. This adds up over a few hundred orders. A counting scale allows the packer to be 100% confident in the product count and ensure that the customer received exactly the number of units they order.

The confidence that comes when packing the order to the exact specifications means that there’s no need to waste stock insuring against a miscount. Ultimately, this saves money in shipping unpaid for units and increases profit.


Greater Inventory Accuracy

With a quality set of counting scales, an order of 100 units removes exactly 100 units from inventory. Not 99 or 105 because of a lapse in concentration, exactly 100 units.

Any automated inventory systems in place will always accurately reflect the physical quantity of available product in storage, resulting in no instances where a company discovers itself to be out of stock due to over compensation during packaging, poor inventory management or a miscount during packing.


Faster Stock Checks

The yearly stock take is a time that a lot of people in the industry dread. It can be an arduous and time consuming task that costs the company more money than it should.

Modern counting scales have a number of features that makes a stock take far less strenuous than when done by hand. 

Counting scales have PLU features, that when combined with a USB connection to a laptop can automatically pull in the product’s weight and output the number of weighed units into a stock keeping spread sheet.

Combine this with a set of scales that feature an internal rechargeable battery and portable laptop, means that you can take the scales to different parts of the warehouse, rather than taking the warehouse to the scales.

Both of these features add up to huge time savings during stock check, not to mention the time saved by not having to count each individual product.


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