3 Reasons to Hire Industrial Weighing Equipment


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Achieving accurate weighing measurements is vital for many industries across the world including medical, laboratory and logistics.

However, purchasing weighing equipment for in-house use is not always the most effective solution for every business, especially when weighing does not exist as a primary operation within the organisation.

Because of this, hiring services present a fantastic and cost-efficient opportunity for businesses to obtain highly accurate weighing results without the substantial financial investment necessary with an outright purchase.

The following are just three of the key reasons to hire industrial weighing equipment:

  1. Cost efficient

Naturally, hiring equipment on a temporary basis carries much less of a financial burden when compared with the complete purchase of the same equipment.

Consequently, this will have positive repercussions for your cash flow, allowing you to invest the additional capital in other areas of your business or increase your savings.

Solent Scale Services also ensures all equipment is regularly cleaned, calibrated and maintained by our expert team as part of each of the hiring packages we provide.

This is hugely beneficial to your company as equipment will no longer be out of service for extended periods of time, allowing you to obtain measurements as and when they are required, without interruption.

  1. A more adaptive solution

Hiring services allow you to pick and choose the equipment you need at a time and place which suits you, enabling you to adapt to the ever-changing needs of your customers.

Solent Scales are able to deliver equipment of all weights and sizes directly to your premises (within our catchment area) throughout the year with competitive delivery times. As a result, you will be able to provide superior levels of service to your clients as well as decrease overall project lead times.

Improved SLAs will resonate within the industry you work in and this will increase the likelihood of achieving high customer retention and help in providing further benefits to prospects when nurturing leads.

  1. Fewer potential problems

Hiring scales will remove much of the pressure involved with the maintenance of weighing equipment.

Our team carry out routine checks and cleaning procedures as well as conducting high quality repair and calibration work where necessary.

Not only does this provide you with equipment in optimum working condition, it also transfers the responsibility of maintenance over to Solent Scales which removes the associated cost and time involved with conventional methods. 

Solent Scales is one of the leading providers of high quality, industrial grade weighing equipment and also provide advanced services such as calibration, repair and hiring.

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