5 Benefits of Modular Weighbridges for Business

Weighbridges are large, durable pieces of machinery purpose-built for use in applications where regular weighing of industrial vehicles is required.

Advancements in technology have allowed for the creation of new, modular systems which provide a plethora of benefits for all companies involved in their use.

These are five of the many advantages to use modern modular weighbridge technology for your business:

1. Time Savings

There is a wealth of attachments available for weighbridges which further increase the effectiveness of their weighing capabilities.

These include technology such as ‘Driver Operated Consoles’ which enables the weighing procedure to be completed by the driver from within the cabin, thus making the operation much faster overall.

In addition, guide rails and vehicle barriers can also be installed to both control the flow of traffic and prevent vehicles from accidentally falling off of the weighbridge.

These barriers allow for a more regulated system to be established as well as reducing the damage associated costs being incurred by vehicles on the platform.

2. Modularity

Modularity is a key advantage to utilising modern weighbridge technology for your business.

Conventional machines are inherently restricted by their design, however, the modular nature of more sophisticated products such as the UniweigherTM weighbridge allow for increased flexibility.

Modular weighbridges are built from multiple detachable sections which can be used independently from one another whilst still retaining the product’s full functionality.

This unique characteristic enables weighbridges to be divided in to smaller 8m sections and used in smaller areas without requiring the use of a more compact, standalone weighbridge.

In addition, modules can also operate simultaneously, effectively providing you with multiple weighbridges for the price of one product.

Companies weighing a variety of different vehicles (as well as those operating in sites with limited space) will find this particularly advantageous.

3. Customer Protection

Using weighbridges to obtain accurate vehicle measurements enables you to protect customers purchasing products transported by your fleet.

As the price of many goods are dictated by their weight, it is crucial to ensure your weighing equipment and the procedures they facilitate are sufficient in order to protect consumers from imprecise product weight.

Even honest companies can fall victim to poor customer satisfaction and complaints if they fail to ensure their equipment is outputting the correct data at all times as this can cause consumers to be inadvertently deceived.

4. Software Integration

Many new machines also feature weighbridge software which allows you to easily integrate existing and future data with other devices for later use in business activities.

Furthermore, these are also able to communicate with commonly used software packages such as Sage and SAP.

This reduces the amount of time required to transfer data between computers and also helps to make tasks such as accounting and report creation more time efficient.

5.Surface and Pit Variants

Contemporary weighbridges are readily available in two main options: surface and pit mounting.

Pit-mounted weighbridges are able to be installed directly into the ground which creates a flat surface for vehicles to drive onto.

This is ideal for areas with a limited area for weighbridge use as these do not require the installation of ramps and, therefore, require a smaller footprint overall.

Conversely, surface-mounted weighbridges sit on top of the ground and do not require the creation of a dedicated pit to be used.

These are typically the cheaper option as they can simply be installed on a flat surface without the need for a pit to be excavated.

Combined with their modularity, the ability to choose between two mounting options ensures weighbridges can adapt the individual specifications of a site without the need for additional modifications.

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