Essential Scales Used In Factories, Warehouses & Distribution


Factories, warehouses, and distribution centres depend on efficient and reliable data to ensure their optimum performance. Solent Scales can supply many of the scales needed to ensure data is tracked correctly, vehicles are filled to their capacity without exceeding their axle limit and stock is counted efficiently. Accurate weighing systems can increase revenue quite considerably. Integrating weighing into distribution centres improves shipping and billing accuracy and enhances productivity.

Legal for Trade / Verified Weighing


A verified scale is a legal requirement in any industry if goods are bought or sold by weight. This is very important in the logistics sector when revenue is based on the weight of products purchased or shipped for their customers. Trading standards have the authority to spot check, so it is very important for your business that these rules are observed. Solent Scales provides a wide range of verified and non-verified scales but the benefits of a verified scale go far beyond just being a legal requirement, they provide reliable, repeatable weighing of goods that ensure customer satisfaction and accurate stock levels.

You may hear these scales being called the following: EC Verified, EC Approved, Class III Approved, Trade Approved or verified but they all mean the same thing. Read more about Legal for Trade weighing on our blog here:

Legal for Trade Blog


Types of Weighing Scales in Warehouses, Factories & Distribution


Bench / Shipping Scales


Bench scales are useful for many applications within most businesses and factories are no different. They come in all different shapes & sizes, levels of accuracy, compact styles or with a pole mounted display. They can also have dual displays on the front and rear so two users can see the weight. They may also come with bright, colour-changing displays, high or low check-weighing capability and are designed with a small footprint to maximise workspace. They could be used to weigh stock, packaging, or goods in and out, to name a few. When it comes to shipping parcels, the ability to correctly charge by weight, capture data and integrate with existing systems can significantly increase profitability.

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Compact Bench Scales

Bench Scales

Counting Scales


Counting by hand is boring, time consuming and often prone to human error. Digital counting scales and balances are designed to save you time and energy, which results in saving costs. Inventory counting scales, as they are also known, are used to count large volumes of identical parts, and components. In short, anything that has a fixed and known weight and would be hard work to count by hand...

Usually, industrial counting scales can pay for themselves in a short period of time, especially when it comes round to an audit/stock take. They are a great help when it comes to managing inventory and many can even weigh items as light as paper.

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Parcel Dimensioning Scales


Dimensioning and weighing systems can calculate dimensions, volume, weight, and volumetric/dimensional weight in a fraction of a second. They use cutting edge 3D image processing technology, ultrasonic or laser solutions. Some include barcode scanners, 3D cameras and integrated scales.

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Floor & Platform Scales


Floor and platform scales can be just as beneficial as bench scales but on a slightly larger scale. Used mainly for goods in/goods out, they are capable of weighing items with high accuracy which in turn helps prevent loss of product and revenue.

These types of scales would often be found in a warehouse and are available in mild steel or stainless-steel versions if they need to be washed down, they may also have ramps for drive-on capability. Operators can wheel lighter loads onto a floor scale with a sack barrow or for heavier loads such as palletized goods, use a forklift and drive them directly onto the scale.

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Floor Scales

Platform Scales


Vehicle Weighing Scales


To make sure your company’s fleet are complying with axle weight limits is very important, therefore if you have a fleet of vehicles that carry a lot of heavy goods it is recommended that you purchase a weighbridge or a set of axle pads to keep an eye on their individual weight limits. This will maximise fuel efficiency, avoid uneven loads and your company will not receive hefty overloading fines. Properly managing inventory and billing in warehouse and distribution centres depends upon documenting and weighing both incoming and outgoing freight. Weighbridges and axle weighing systems from Solent Scales will help ensure that vans are loaded to their ideal weight and conform with legal maximum weight regulations.

Weighbridges can come with unmanned terminals which stops the driver needing to leave their cab, improving health & safety and allowing extended hours of operation without paying more staffing costs.

Valueweigh Axlemate VWAP


Axle Pads



With the perfect weight indicator, you can collect, store, and communicate weight data. More advanced indicators use wireless communications to transfer data to PC for complete process control. Some can improve management information and can produce instant, accurate invoices for all materials weighed. They can be linked to printers, barcode scanners and other items allowing management from anywhere in the operation.

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