Essential Scales Used In Food Production


Most businesses in the food production industry want to ensure four main things:

  • Minimum waste
  • Efficient productivity
  • Food Hygiene & Safety
  • Consistent quality

Weighing scales can play a huge part in making sure these needs are met. They need to deliver accurate & reliable weighing results whilst being able to withstand rigorous cleaning.

Solent Scales can supply weighing equipment to businesses in all stages of food production. We already help several household names and local businesses with their weighing needs.

Types of Weighing Scales in the Food Industry


Check Weighing / Portion Scales


Check weighers are used by the food industry to compare the weight of their products with predetermined limits set within the scale. Some basic checkweighers may have a traffic light system, or Hi/Lo/OK indicators, whereas more advanced models could have configurable colour touch screen displays where the user can clearly see the target weight. Check weighing scales play a huge part in speeding up operation without jeopardising accuracy. Underweight packages can lead to unhappy customers, whereas overweight packages can have a detrimental impact on costs (product giveaway and overweight shipments).

For hygiene reasons check weighing scales should ideally be stainless steel and have a high IP Rating so they can be safely washed down.


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Legal for Trade / Verified Weighing


A verified scale is a legal requirement in the food industry if goods are bought or sold by weight. For example, grocery stores need trade approved scales to ensure produce is sold according to the correct weight. Sweet shops would use a legal for trade price computing scale to sell their goods by weight. Trading standards have the authority to spot check, so it is very important for your business that these rules are observed.

You may hear these scales being called the following: EC Verified, EC Approved, Class III Approved, Trade Approved or Verified but they all mean the same thing. Read more about Legal for Trade weighing on our blog here.

retail scale

Tank Weighers / Hoppers


Your bin, tank or hoppers can be changed into dependable scales with the right weighing indicator. By adding a basic weighing sensor to your existing storage bins, you can keep a close eye on stock levels. With a more advanced indicator & software you can have an automated system that will mix raw ingredients. Watertight & stainless-steel models make them ideal for food production.

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Bench Scales


Bench scales are useful for many applications within most businesses and food production is no different. They come in all different shapes & sizes, levels of accuracy, compact styles or with a pole mounted display. Some bench scales can also have dual displays on the front and rear so two users can see the weight. They may also come with bright, colour-changing displays, high or low check-weighing capability and can be fabricated in stainless steel for easy washdown. They could be used to weigh ingredients, stock, packaging, or goods in and out, to name a few.

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Compact Bench Scales

Bench Scales


Floor & Platform Scales


Floor and platform scales can be just as beneficial as bench scales but on a slightly larger scale. Used mainly for goods in/goods out, they are capable of weighing items with high accuracy which in turn helps prevent loss of product and revenue.

These types of scales would often be found in a food warehouse or ingredient store and are available in stainless steel for food processing environments where strict cleaning regimes are required. These products may also come in mild steel if just being used in a warehouse or goods in/out applications.

Floor scales

Platform scales



If you are in the food industry and need assistance with finding the perfect weighing solution, you can contact Solent Scales and we'll be happy to help.


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