Focus on the Shekel H551 (Class III) Chair Scale


Shekel are one of the best-known brands of medical scales and here at Solent Scales we know exactly how popular Shekel scales are. In this article we are looking at the Shekel H551 Chair Scale which is ideal for patients with limited mobility or a disability that might prevent them from using a floor or column scale.

Designed with a focus on the patient’s safety and comfort in mind as well as upholding Shekel’s reputation for accuracy and reliability, the H551 Chair Scale has a handful of useful features on-board. These features include:

  • BMI Reader
  • Movement compensation
  • Tare button
  • Large 5-digit LCD display
  • Can be battery or mains powered
  • 300kg / 660lb Capacity

As with the majority of Shekel’s scales the H551 Chair Scale has been fitted with movement compensation and automatic reweigh, these features ensure an accurate weight even if the patient moves around in the chair.


The armrests on the H551 can be moved independently, allowing the patient to be easily transferred from chair to scale. The seat itself is a generous 17” x 16.5” (430mm x 420mm) and has been ergonomically designed for the patient’s comfort. The footrest can also be folded up for easier access.

The Shekel H551 Class III Chair Scale is ideally suited to hospitals, care homes and health centres. It is available to buy directly from us

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