HealthySole - How To Stop Germs In Their Tracks


According to CDC and WHO statements, the COVID-19 Coronavirus survives for days on surfaces and can potentially be tracked in on your shoes. It can survive on the soles of your shoes for FIVE days, that means five days of potentially tracking the virus in and out of your place of work, hospital area, or home. Germ covered shoes will contaminate even the cleanest floors, and the dirt and pathogens are aerosolized by normal walking-around behaviours. Airborne germs then land on common surfaces such as desks, keyboards and light switches, which are touched regularly. This is why we are now seeing photos arise of efforts to disinfect streets, pavements and floors.

During this pandemic it is critical to keep viruses out of sensitive healthcare areas and other workplaces. HealthySole destroys up to 99.9% of germs on the soles of your shoes with an 8-second blast of UVC light and provides the easiest and quickest method to keep your shoes from spreading viruses and bacteria wherever you go.

How It Works

UVC light is widely used in industrial, medical, laboratory and home applications. UVC germicidal light disrupts the DNA of infectious pathogens and microbes, killing them and/or destroying their ability to multiply. UVC light is chemical free and does not create germ mutations or antibiotic-resistant super bugs. It has been proven effective in killing viruses, bacteria, mould and spores. The HealthySole UVC light is, safe, effective, clean and chemical free.

how it works

Add HealthySole to your Medical Infection Control Programme to Decrease HAI Rates and Control Germ Spread


Every year over 300,000 patients in England acquire a healthcare associated infection whilst in hospital. These infections cost the NHS more than £1 billion a year. Use HealtySole+ to help reduce these numbers today.

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