Hire vs Purchase - The Benefits of Hiring Industrial Scales


When choosing industrial scales for your business, there are two main options to consider: hire or purchase.

Whilst purchasing scales will naturally afford you free reign to use them for an indefinite period of time, scale hiring services certainly have their advantages as well.

Hiring scales is especially effective for companies experiencing a quiet business period or for times when the economic climate is generally in a downturn.


Why Choose To Hire?

If you have temporary weighing requirements and do not expect to use equipment continuously, hiring can be an excellent, cost effective solution to obtain the data you need.

Hiring scales naturally comes at a lower cost compared with buying the same equipment outright and this will allow money to be saved and reinvested into other areas of the business should you wish to do so.

As a result, your company’s cash flow will also improve as less capital is required to be spent. This entails a number of additional benefits such as the ability to re-invest more money in your business as well as pay off any debts you may have at a much quicker rate.


Damaged Machinery

If your business’s current equipment is faulty or undergoing any form of maintenance work which has taken it out of operation, hiring replacement weighing scales is the perfect way to avoid down time whilst still minimising overheads.

Companies which use weighbridges, balances and other industrial scales extensively in their daily schedules can find machinery failures extremely damaging to their profitability.

Fortunately, Solent Scales is able to provide short term contracts to help companies cope with unexpected events and avoid many of the associated issues.


Quality Assurance

All hired scales are thoroughly tested and calibrated prior to delivery to ensure they are in full working order and free of any damage or faults.

This not only ensures your scales output accurate results but, also, removes the need for your company to invest time and money into servicing or calibration yourself.


Changes in Demand

Conversely, hire services can also be used to meet deadlines if your company is faced with high levels of demand.

If you have received a large number of orders which may be difficult to fulfil with current machinery, hiring scales can provide you with the equipment you need to satisfy customers without investing unnecessary capital in scales which may not be used in the next quarter.


Avoiding Inventory Obsolescence

Hiring scales also enables you to avoid suffering from stock in your inventory becoming obsolescent.

If you have purchased a weighing scale and begin to require features available only on newer models, selling equipment will cause your company to lose substantial amounts of money from the inevitable depreciation.

However, hiring scales bypasses this issue by allowing you to return equipment at a time which is convenient for you and rehire newer, more advanced models.


Try Before You Buy

If you are beginning to explore the use of machinery which has not been used previously by your business, hiring can be a great way to gauge whether or not a full purchase will be worthwhile.

As well as getting to grips with the equipment itself, hiring allows you to ascertain the frequency to which your business will need to use specific scales and will help you make more informed purchasing decisions in the long run.


Logistics Benefits

In addition to the financial benefits afforded by hiring weighing scales, you can also take advantage of the flexible delivery which comes as standard with these services.

We are able to ship scales directly to your business address; removing the need for you to travel or pay for expensive delivery costs from third party companies. Furthermore, we are also able to collect equipment at the end of your contract, providing you with a complete end-to-end service.


Support and Advice

All customers who hire weighing scales are welcome to speak with our friendly team of experts for support and technical advice. 

Solent Scales have vast experience in the weighing industry and can deal with any query you may have relating to your scales including operation, calibration and specifications.


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