How Scale Hire Can Reduce Business Downtime


When a valuable business tool, such as a weighing scale or balance, goes out of commission, it can have huge impacts on the business as a whole. This can be especially inconvenient when a business relies on the apparatus for trade; such as weighing goods in and out; weighing as a service; or during trade-reliant processes.

When this weighing equipment goes down, it can have a direct impact on the revenue that’s able to flow through the business. A piece of equipment that’s integral to day-to-day operations, like a weighbridge for instance, could bring the business to a halt if it stopped operating. The business would no longer be able to weigh vehicles leaving or entering the site and this, without doubt, would have a huge impact on revenue.

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Become Operational Faster

In order to help our customers with down-time, we aim to get our engineers to customers on our service packages within eight working hours. We’ve found this to be hugely beneficial to our clients who often are reliant on a single balance or scale for their business operations.

However, when our engineers arrive at customer sites, it’s not always possible to bring the balance or scale immediately back into service. In these instances, parts may need to be sourced and fitted, increasing downtime.

This is where hire scales can be implemented. The replacement scales can be at your business and operational, in many cases, within twenty four hours. The hired scales remain in place whilst the service engineer is working to repair the permanent solution.


Scale Hire as a Temporary Solution

Scale hire is a temporary solution to a temporary problem. In the event of a scale malfunction, it’s more often than not, more cost effective for your business to immediately seek two solutions. One solution for the downtime to your business and one solution for the malfunctioning scales.

  1. Solve your business’s downtime quickly by hiring and implementing a set of replacement scales.
  2. Commission an engineer to repair your business’s malfunctioning equipment as soon as possible.

Whilst this approach may appear more expensive than simply commissioning an engineer to repair the equipment, step 1 saves you money in a huge number of ways that you may not have considered:

  1. Continue to generate revenue

By continuing to generate revenue with a temporary set of scales, you’re able to pay for the scales you have hired and continue to generate profits.

  1. Continue to delight customers

By reducing downtime, you’re still maintaining lead time on supply and avoiding any disgruntled customers.

It takes an age to build a reputation, but a moment to ruin it.

Customers with our Service Packages are maintaining and improving their reputation as the best in the market place by being prepared for downtime and by putting hired weighing equipment into place to maintain operations.

Looking for a company that can provide both hire and repair under one roof with a personal and tailored approach? Get in touch with Solent Scales today.