Radwag Bed Scales - Everything you Need to Know


The company was founded in Poland in 1984 and started out by producing simple mechanical and sprung scales. In 1992 Radwag produced its first electronic scale. From there on the company simply grew; Radwag went from a local company to an internationally recognised company known as a reliable manufacturer of scales and balances. 

Today, there are Radwag offices and factories in many locations across the globe.   

Radwag’s company mission is to design professional products which are based on ‘technically advanced concepts’. Due to their reliable, innovative products and the satisfaction of their end users, Radwag enjoys being one of the world’s leading manufacturers of balances and scales.


Radwag’s Bed Scales

Radwag have designed and manufactured two different types of bed scales, one with ramped beams which a bed is wheeled onto, and one which consists of four, cabled weighing modules and is supplied with a simple jack to lift the bed onto them.

Both scales are easy to transport, due to a lightweight construction, or the clever trolley design of the Radwag WPT/4B, which doubles as being a stand for the scale indicator.

Radwag bed weighing scale

Radwag’s bed scales are designed to weigh patients who are positioned lying down or permanently bed ridden. As a result, they are designed for ease of use, both being easy to transport, and either battery or mains powdered; both scales can manage an average of 35 hours operation time on their rechargeable batteries. They also are both designed to accommodate many different types of bed.

With the maximum capacity of either 300kg (47 stone) or 500kg (78 stone), and a tare function capable of the same weights respectively, both bed scales are comprehensive enough to accommodate any patient.


Class III Approved

Radwag’s bed scales are professional medical weighing scales and as such they are both Class III Approved. This means they can both be used by medical professionals with confidence, to establish a correct and trustworthy weight reading, which can in turn be used to accurately monitor a patient’s weight loss or gain, and accurately prescribe the correct dosage of medicines.

In accordance with the NAWI Directive, the scales must be calibrated periodically to ensure they remain accurate and reliable in accordance with their class rating.


If a non-Class III Approved scale is incorrectly being used in a medical setting, it is often due to misinformation during the buying process. To avoid this, ensure you buy your Class III medical scales from a reputable scale supplier, who fully understands the Class ratings, and who is fully informed. Your medical scale supplier should be able to answer your questions and advise on the most suitable scale for your needs.


At Solent Scales, we pride ourselves on understanding the products we offer and how they can meet your needs. If you are not entirely sure which Bed Scale would be best for your facility, or whether a Radwag scale would be best for you over other manufacturers, please give us a call or contact us through our website. We are happy to give you our expert advice.