Seca Chair Scales - Everything You Need To Know


Seca began manufacturing weighing scales in the 1840s and are today operational in over 13 countries. They are the self-proclaimed “world market leader” and the reason for this is evident in everything they do, from the products they manufacture through to their everyday business practices and values.

Seca Chair Scales

Seca’s chair scales are no exception to the rule here and are an example of Seca’s quality engineering and are highly trusted across different medical industries.

Seca currently create 3 chair scales for market, the 955, 956 and the 959. All of these are available at Solent Scales.



All Seca Chair Scales are built to the same high-quality standard, regardless of which product you purchase.

The frame of the chair is crafted from welded high strength steel across the entirety of the body and the chairs seated surface features a flexible yet robust polymer plastic which conforms yet supports the body of the user.

The base of each chair scale utilises large, free rolling castors for smooth running movement during transport and the rear two wheels come with locking brakes for a sturdy, reliable base during use.


Each Seca Chair Scale is intended for a different type of user and so has slightly different features, depending on what’s needed. However, all Seca chair scales are Class III approved and CE 0109 and CE 0123 rated.

Each Seca Chair Scale has a slightly different capacity (maximum load) and resolution (steps between measurements). The Seca 956 has a capacity of up to 200kg with a resolution of 100g. The Seca 955 handles up to 250kg and the resolutions changes depending on the weight. Below 150kg, the 955 has a resolution of just 50g, however above 150kg the resolution increases to 100g. The Seca 959 has the highest capacity of 300kg and has a varying resolution. Below 150kg the resolution is 50g, above 150kg is 100g and above 200kg the resolution jumps to 200g.


These read-outs can be read on each scale via the clear LCD screen placed on the back of the chair, allowing one operator to steady, move and weigh without difficulty.

The 955, 956 and the 959 all come equipped with features such as TARE and HOLD for everyday useful functionality. They also come with the added benefit of Automatic Switch-off, to save the life of the built-in batteries.

Each scale also comes with several features which benefit the end user / patient. The scales have folding side arm-rests which can be moved out of the way during use, allowing a patient to slide onto the scales from a bed or chair, without the need to fully stand up. They also feature folding foot rests for comfort.

The slightly higher-end models 955 and 959 have the standard features like TARE, and HOLD but also has the benefit of being able to do BMI calculations and has built in Damping technology. This damping technology negates movements of the patient for the most accurate measurements.

The more premium 959 model has extra benefits which aren’t available on the other models but may be beneficial to certain industries. For instance, the 959 offers wireless connectivity to devices, allowing readings to be sent automatically to connected computers. In addition, it will allow you to print read outs, both manually and automatically. Perhaps most helpfully, this model includes overload protection, which prevents the device from being damaged should it experience more weight than it’s designed for.

At Solent Scales, we pride ourselves on matching our products to your needs. If you’re not sure which chair scale you need for your facility please give us a call or drop us a message. We’re happy to give you our expert advice.  


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