Top 4 Benefits of Using Service Contracts


Cardinal Storm 190In business, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer to every problem.

Companies come in all shapes and sizes and even those of similar stature in the same industry will have specific requirements that dictate which services will best facilitate their growth. Utilising a flexible service contract will enable companies to achieve continued success by allowing the provider to blend seamlessly with their natural pattern and receive a more tailored package in general.

  1. Flexibility

Service contracts allow both the provider and the consumer to be flexible with one another which is incredibly important in many industries where unforeseen circumstances and the need for reactive work is commonplace.

By understanding the needs of both parties, integration becomes far easier and this will assist in completing important procedures such as maintenance and repair work when required and in a timely manner.

If one of your premises becomes inaccessible due to unforeseen circumstances, the work can easily be rescheduled for a more convenient time – a feature which may not be feasible under conventional methods.  

  1. Quality assurance

The creation of a contract requires agreeance from both organisations as to how the services detailed will be completed including the predefined SLAs which will need to be adhered to.

This helps the end user to gain a definitive understanding of the overall costs associated with the project as well as when and where the work will take place.

Due to the very nature of a service (compared with a tangible product), this aspect of a contract is crucial and allows each party to understand their responsibilities as well as those of the company they are working with.

More than just a convenience, this will also help companies to structure their diaries based on when equipment will be in operation and this will also help in offering end users with an improved experience.

  1. A tailored approach

Having access to a number of different tiered packages will enable companies to receive services which are far more tailored to their requirements and allow them to make the most of the money invested.

For example, Solent Scales offers several different calibration and repair packages:

  • Accuracy test only
  • Calibration & Certification
  • Standard package
  • Inclusive/All Inclusive – with parts and labour coverage

Companies can select which of these is most appropriate based on their current requirements and, due to their flexibility; they can easily change to another tier in order to accommodate dynamic changes within the business.

  1. Holistic service

For companies which choose to utilise two or more services, the benefit of working with a single supplier will provide a wealth of time and cost-related advantages.

Using one business to consolidate multiple services into a single package will incur fewer costs and will require less time overall to complete than it would to outsource the same work to multiple different companies.

A substantial decrease in turnaround time is invaluable in an age where rapid technological developments are causing customers to become increasingly expectant of quick delivery and short downtimes - and this is made possible through the use of a service contract.

Solent Scales are specialists in industrial weighing equipment, providing flexible contracts for services such as hire, calibration and repair.

We also supply a wide range of equipment including products from popular brands such as SECA, T-scale and Ohaus.

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