UKWF attend CECIP 66th General Assembly in Vienna


The UK Weighing Federation (UKWF) recently travelled to the beautifukwf logoul Austrian capital of Vienna to attend the 66th General Assembly event lead by the European Association for National Trade organisations (CECIP).

Paul Moody, Managing Director of Solent Scales, was joined by Richard Herbert from The Herbert Group, Ian Fellows Ltd’s Steve Hart and Jeremy Sage of Stringer & Co (Scales) Ltd.

The four UK Weighing Federation board members were also accompanied by Avery Weigh-Tronix UK Senior Management Representative Lance Read and Ian Turner, a technical officer at the federation.

Brussels-based CECIP is an association comprised of 13 European groups who represent weighing instrumentation manufacturers from the union.

The five day event saw various influential bodies congregate to promote the ongoing high standards found within the industrial weighing equipment manufacturing industry.

During the assembly, topics such as the effects of Industry 4.0 (the rising prevalence of automation within the manufacturing industry) and the latest SOLAS regulations were among the many others discussed.

These talks provide companies with visibility over potential issues which may affect the industry as well as helping to establish plans for positive change in the future.

Another key mission of the assembly is to reduce the number of administrative and regulatory obstacles to create a more simple and efficient environment to operate in.

This not only helps facilitate international trade but also supports in promoting organisations to develop newer, more advanced weighing technologies.

Innovations help the weighing industry to grow and it is therefore crucial for companies to be given the freedom to do so without having unnecessary restrictions in place.

The general assembly also works to implement fair trade practices amongst businesses in the sector which is vital in protecting any residents of developing countries who are involved in the manufacture of weighing equipment.

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