What Happens if my Weighbridge Malfunctions?

A weighbridge is a robust piece of vehicle weighing machinery, designed specifically for the daily pressures of busy commercial premises; however there may be times when it inevitably malfunctions. This might be due to lack of appropriate maintenance, misuse or simply wear and tear over time. 

If your weighbridge malfunctions it may slow or even stop your business from functioning, and if everything grinds to a halt, the resulting effects are potentially damaging on the business. 

You can of course look for a public or private weighbridge within reasonable distance to you, but this option will not be as convenient as your own weighbridge, and will undoubtedly impinge on your ability to maintain business as usual.

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Can It Be Repaired?

A weighbridge is not a cheap piece of equipment and replacing a whole weighbridge is not something that most businesses will want to consider – especially if it can be repaired.

Solent Scales are specialists in industrial weighing equipment and have access to a wide range of spare parts from all major weighing scale manufacturers. This means we can conduct extensive repair work to your machinery and get back into service.  

Service Packages for Regular Maintenance

It is worth considering a Service Package to ensure your weighbridge is properly maintained and accurate. This may help to prevent some malfunctions from occurring in the first place, helping to keep your business flowing smoothly.

Annual Service Visits include an annual Maintenance and Service Visit and a Calibration Certificate, in accordance with the UK Weighing Federation Codes of Practice.   

We offer a range of contracts to suit your needs, from one Annual Calibration and Certificate visit to an All Inclusive contract which includes call outs and any parts needed for your repair (not including customer damage).

If you have a Service Package we aim for a very fast response time of eight working hours to ensure that your business can be fully functioning again as quickly as possible. We can carry out most repairs on site, at your business premises, to ensure the quickest turnaround times for you.

A Solent Scales Service Package will allow you a tailored, flexible approach to maintenance and calibration. Allowing us to work with you means we can understand your needs, meaning we can better integrate with you and your business and ensure your business feels the minimum impact possible during scheduled routine maintenance and repairs.


Benefits of Buying a Solent Scales Uniweigher™ Weighbridge

If you are looking to buy a new weighbridge or to replace an old, unreliable one, the Uniweigher™ Modular Weighbridge is a great choice. Not only is it reliable, robust, and built to last, but it also allows the user flexibility with the option to add extra modules which can be used as a large weighbridge, or individually. On top of this, it includes a standard five-year manufacturer’s warranty which covers structure and parts.

Buying isn’t the Only Option

We also provide a hire service, including the hire of weighbridges, although this would only make financial sense for medium-to-long term hire (for example, for more than a six month period). This service is useful  for companieis who need to set up somewhere for a long-term, but temporary amount of time (12 months - 24 months). Or, perhaps you are thinking of buying a weighbridge but you’re not really sure if you need one; you could hire one to see how beneficial it would really be before deciding to make the investment.

If your weighbridge does malfunction, contact Solent Scales to arrange the call out of an experienced engineer. If your weighbridge hasn’t malfunctioned but you want to arrange a Service Package for regular servicing and to help prevent a malfunction before it occurs, view our Service Packages.   

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