When Was The Last Time My Scales Were Serviced?


When weighing scales are used for professional purposes there are strict requirements which they must meet.

Sectors such as retail, medical and logistics require the scales to be Class III approved. Class III scales must undergo regular servicing and annual calibration as a minimum.

Importantly, the business or organisation must be able to be demonstrate the current paperwork or certification when requested. Penalties for not being compliant can be high. Therefore it is crucial to keep up to date with this.   

However, we know it can be challenging to keep track of your scale servicing, especially if you have multiple sets of scales, across different locations.


How to Tell if Your Scales are Due a Service

Professional scales should be serviced & calibrated regularly. Most weighing companies recommend a service/accuracy test every six months. Calibration and certification should be carried out annually.

When a service engineer visits you to service your scales or perform a calibration you should be presented with a job sheet and you may later receive a paper or PDF calibration certificate processed by the company’s admin team, depending on the nature of the visit.

The date the service was undertaken will be clearly stated on this paperwork, so this would be the best place to look. However, we all know that paperwork can be misplaced, especially if there isn’t a designated place for it. Or they could be misplaced during an office move or tidy, or a desk move for example. It happens!


Is There Another Way to Tell When Your Scales Were Last Serviced?

Yes. Some scale servicing companies provide engineers with stickers which can be written on and stuck to the scale which has been serviced/calibrated. This is a simple and efficient way of keeping track of your scale’s service due date.


Although this may not be an ideal solution if you have multiple scales across different locations, it does mean that a simple visual check of the scale itself will tell you what you need to know.

Another way to find out when your scales were last serviced would be to contact the company who carried out the work. A quick email enquiry or phone call to your scale servicing company will provide you with the information you need.


Is There an Easy Way to Keep Track of Your Scale Servicing?

Yes. Choose a Service Contract with a UKWF registered service provider (so you know you can trust them). The service provider will then keep track of when your scale servicing and calibration is due and contact you to arrange a suitable time to visit. There is no last-minute race to book a service to ensure compliance.

A service contact is proactive solution which will save you time and possibly money.


Service Contracts from Solent Scales

Solent Scales provide comprehensive service contracts for all types of weighing equipment including weighbridges.

Our engineers will put a calibration label on your scales with the date of the next service. We will also phone you when it’s time for your next service and arrange a visit for a convenient time.

Customers who choose Solent Scales can rest assured as we comply with the UK Weighing Federation codes of practice, so you know you can trust our service.

Our Service Contract customers also benefit from having a reduced rate on call outs, or if an All-Inclusive Service package is chosen call outs and parts* are included.

*Exclusions apply for customer or end user damage.  


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