Why Annual Service Contracts For Your Scales Is A Weight Off Your Mind?


Just like anything which endures frequent and substantial use, weighing scales will require the regular attention of a qualified person to ensure they are performing correctly.

In most industries, including medical, retail and logistics, downtime of a heavily used weighing scale will almost always equate to loss in productivity and profit. This is not ideal for any company.

Regular servicing of your company’s weighing equipment is vital to ensure that your scales remain in optimal working condition. Weighing scales servicing should be carried out as PPM (planned preventative maintenance), and always by a qualified professional.


What Does a Service Entail?

Weighing scales servicing carried out as PPM will include a range of testing and cleaning procedures, including (but not limited to) visual inspections, keyboard functionality testing, display testing and inspection of external cables and connectors. It will also include basic cleaning under and around the weighing area to remove any obstructions which may prevent the scale from functioning properly.

Calibration should also be carried out annually (as a minimum) to ensure that the scales are accurate.


The Benefits of Choosing a Service Package

If you have a long list of things to manage, trying to locate and schedule a company to service and calibrate your weighing scales every year could be an unwelcome and unnecessary drain on your time.

A better use of your time would be to appoint a company, which you can trust, to provide and fulfil a service contract which covers all of your company’s weighing scales. The benefits here are two-fold, firstly you will save time every year seeking service quotes, and secondly your company’s weighing scales should experience less downtime as a result of PPM (planned preventative maintenance).

As well as this, should your scales suffer damage, or if they malfunction, your service provider should be able to provide a quicker response to your emergency. 


A Service Provider You Can Trust 

The flexible service packages provided by Solent Scales cater to your exact requirements when it comes to servicing, calibration, repair and emergency call outs.  

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Choosing Solent Scales to provide you with a service and calibration contract will give you the peace of mind that your scales will be looked after by qualified professionals.

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