Why is an All-Inclusive Service Contract Better for your Scales (and Business) than an Annual Calibration


All weighing scales used for trade must undergo an annual accuracy test as an absolute minimum. This is to ensure they remain accurate and are legal for trade. Any weighing scale being used for trade purposes must be within the legal tolerances, and if they are not, Trading Standards have the authority to stop the use of your scale and you may find yourself open to prosecution.

This applies to any weighing scale being used in a business or retail environment; it also applies to vehicle weighing scales such as weighbridges as overloading vehicles or axles can also leave you open to prosecution and fines.

A weighing scale which endures regular use is liable to lose its accuracy over time. An annual accuracy test, or calibration, will ensure that your scales are weighing correctly and to the accuracy which they are defined for.   

However, this is all an annual calibration or accuracy test will do. There will be no service, maintenance or repairs undertaken with this type of contract cover.


What Does an All-Inclusive Scales Service Contract Include?

With Solent Scales, an All-Inclusive Service Package includes one annual calibration or accuracy test per annum, depending on the type of weighing equipment being tested (trade approved or non-trade). These tests ensure that your scales are weighing correctly and accurately, within their tolerances. Also included is one maintenance and service visit per annum, which is crucial in order to keep your scales operational, since planned preventative maintenance (PPM) is one of the best ways to keep your scales up and running.

These visits are at six month intervals as standard, but service packages can be tailor-made to suit individual requirements.

Also included with an All-Inclusive package from Solent Scales are call outs, should your equipment suddenly stop working and require repair. Replacement parts are also included with an All-Inclusive package (excluding customer damage and subject to availability), which makes having a repair done to your scales a little easier to swallow.

With an All-Inclusive Service Package your scales will be well looked after, and importantly, they can be counted on to be accurate. If your local Trading Standards make an annual surveillance visit to your work place you can rest comfortably in the knowledge that you are doing everything possible to ensure your scales are kept in the best condition and working order.


Why is an All-Inclusive Plan Better for Your Business?

If your business operations rely on functioning and accurate weighing apparatus, then quite simply, equipment downtime is bad for your business. Therefore, choosing an All-Inclusive Service Contract will make sure your scales are kept in tip-top condition, which will be better for your business than choosing a calibration-only option.


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