Why Using Verified Scales is Crucial for Consumer Protection

TickAs technology advances and more competitive products and services emerge, consumers are becoming increasingly demanding of higher quality and this is forcing businesses to invest further in production equipment and quality assurance procedures.

Furthermore, providing accurate product specifications is vital not only in satisfying customers and avoiding complaints but, also, to protect them from the many issues which can occur from reading and using incorrect data.

This blog will outline a number of real-world examples which actualise the importance of using verified scales in order to protect the end user of your product or service.


There are many potent medicines available both off the shelf and via prescription order which can have profound biological effects in an individual’s body.

In addition, many of these can also incur negative side effects as a result of incompatibility or an incorrect dosage being taken.

Pharmaceutical companies need to heavily prioritise achieving precise weighing measurements of the various substances which comprise their final products to ensure end users are provided with the correct medication for their needs.

These products are highly sensitive and even a minute erroneous measurement can drastically alter the likelihood of negative reactions occurring from their use.

The severity can vary from person-to-person depending on their circumstances, medication and the magnitude of the error, however, even small unwanted aftereffects can be detrimental to the patient and result in harm to company profits and reputation.


When consulting a general practitioner, many patients will have their weight measured and observed over an extended period of time.

This data can then be analysed, extrapolated and used to identify trends in a person’s body weight, as well as to uncover potential warning signs of pre-existing or impending health conditions.

For instance, fluctuations or marked losses in weight can be precursors for diseases such as stomach ulcers, cirrhosis and even cancer – a testament to the importance of measuring weight for those seen to be at risk.

As such, high quality, regularly calibrated equipment is required to conduct measurement procedures and obtain consistent results.

This allows medical professionals to easily identify trends and anomalous data in order to provide correct diagnoses and begin treatment as quickly as possible.

If the weighing equipment used does not provide measurements with enough granularity or is unable to return reliable data, doctors may be unable to use this correctly and this can potentially leave diseases undiscovered for much longer.


Transparency of food nutrition is now prevalent in countries across the world, including the UK, with companies required to incorporate extensive breakdowns of macronutrient information into product packaging for customers to easily view prior to purchasing.

This information is dictated by the various procedures conducted by the business (or outsourcing companies) which provide data on nutrients such as protein, fat and carbohydrates.

For example, fat levels are quantified by first weighing the product in its natural state and then comparing this with a second measurement taken after applying a solution called ‘ether’ which works to remove all traces of fat.

Naturally, this process requires highly precise weighing equipment to obtain correct results which can then be printed on the product packaging.

Consumers with specific nutritional requirements will use this data to decide whether certain foods are safe to consume based on their content and providing incorrect data in this area can potentially cause negative health effects.

These three examples exhibit how accurate weighing within many industries is not only needed to guarantee success, but also required to reduce the risk of complaints, brand damage and, also, to protect the health of the end user.

Verified, regularly calibrated scales are available for all industries and purpose built weighing equipment including specific features and capabilities help to further optimise these for their given applications.

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