BW Series Digital Scale

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The BW Series digital scale comes with a 52mm LCD column mounted Indicator to improve visibility when weighing. It can weigh, count, totalise & checkweigh with HI/OK/LO display using LED and buzzer.

It comes with a mains adapter and rechargeable battery that lasts up to 90 hours, that's a full working week.

Maximum capacities range from 60kg to 600kg and come with the options of an Aluminium platform (MBW) or stainless steel (LBW).


  • Easy to use - Front panel configuration
  • 52mm LCD display, attached LED backlight
  • Battery can last up to 90 hours of continuous use
  • Optional RS-232 Interface
  • Counting with selectable sample quantities


  • AC Adapter / Rechargeable Battery
  • Indicator: ABS Plastic
  • Pan: Stainless Steel Top Plate
  • Platform: MBW - Aluminium; LBW - Steel
  • 15,000 Divisions


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