Seca 985 Bed and Dialysis Scale

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Always in use: the seca 985 facilitates the easy, gentle and precise weighing of bedridden patents and is an indispensable aid in dialysis and intensive care.

Makes life easy for patient and personnel. Especially in dialysis treatment or ICU, many patients cannot be weighed while standing or sitting. A mobile bed scale which allows the patient to remain in bed while being weighed is of enormous help. The patient is spared the trouble of moving from bed to scale and back again and medical personnel are relieved of unnecessary physical exertion.

The seca 985 is a mobile bed and dialysis scale that is ideally suited to monitoring patients weight changes. For example, in intensive care units early recognition of weight fluctuations is vital since any change could affect the health and life of the patient. Likewise in dialysis treatment facilities, the seca 985 is essential for weight monitoring.

With the integrated lifts, four load cells can be placed easily and effortlessly under the castors of the bed. The previously determined weight of the bed is deducted using the TARE function and the patient's precise weight is determined. In the event of a power cut, the scale stores all previously displayed values using rechargeable batteries. When not in use, the four bed lifts can be stored on the equipment trolley.


  • 4 weighing modules
  • BMI Function
  • Adjustable damping
  • Limit value with alarm
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Patented lift mechanism for ease of use
  • Equipment trolley for storage included


  • Class III Approved
  • Capacity: 500kg
  • Readability: 100g <200kg> 200g
  • Dimensions: 520mm x 927mm x 562mm (WxHxD)
  • Maximum patient weight: 250kg
  • Net Weight: 25.6kg




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