Shinko Vibra CJ Series

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High Class Portable Balance

A heavy duty and highly precise balance, the CJ Series promises to deliver excellent performance in any environment including; dust atmosphere, mist, oil splashes, dark conditions and more.

Fitted with a protective water & dust proof feature, this durable piece of equipment is highly resistant to a strong chemical product, thanks to its stainless steel upper casing. It also makes it effortless to clean and robust, so should you have any accidents whilst transporting the scales, you won't risk any physical damage. 

With a clear 18mm backlit LCD display, the CJ series provides multi-function & multi-mode measurement and covers the wide weighing range from 220g to 15kg with a minimum precise readability of 0.01g.

The tough portable CJ series proves to be a great addition and is the very best solution to your every need. 


  • Water & dustproof
  • Density measurement mode
  • Animal weighing mode
  • Parts counting mode
  • Tuning fork sensor
  • Can connect to outside devices


  • 18mm backlit LCD display
  • Stainless Steel top housing & plate
  • External calibration
  • Capacities from 220g to 15000g
  • Division sizes from 0.01g to 1g
  • Top pan: 140mm dia. or 190 x 190mm
  • IP65 manufacturers rating


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