MP Heavy Duty Platform


Free-standing Heavy Duty Platform

  • Up to 6000kg Capacity
  • Indicator sold seperately
  • Chequer plate surface and hammer paint finish
  • 5 different size platforms available

The MP mild steel industrial platform with its chequer plate surface and hammer paint finish can be supplied with the Excell QW IP68 or Excell PWH3 Stainless Steel indicator for EC verified applications.

Non-trade applications can be connected to most industrial weight indicators but we offer the “Storm” 190 as our preferred supply.

Capacities are available up to 6,000kg dependant on the platform size with IP67 R60 OIML load cells.

These robust and hard-wearing platforms are fantastic value for money & come highly recommended.

  • 1010MP - 1000mm x 1000mm - Up to 4000kg
  • 1212MP - 1200mm x 1200mm - Up to 4000kg
  • 1515MP - 1500mm x 1500mm - Up to 4000kg
  • 2015MP - 2000mm x 1500mm - Up to 4000kg
  • 2020MP - 2000mm x 2000mm - Up to 6000kg