PT-500 Heavy Duty Pallet Truck with Built-in Scale

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Perfect for moving and weighing most pallet types

  • Electronic indicator with 32mm high red LED display
  • Four load cells mean accurate readings in kg or lb
  • 2000kg capacity; 500g accuracy
  • Long-life internal battery for extra flexibility
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The Marsden PT-500: Palletised goods weighing
in an instant

The rugged, high capacity PT-500 Pallet Truck Scale means palletised goods can be weighed on the move. Four load cells in its mild steel forks provide weight readings to the nearest 500g - and accumulation, parts counting, and hold functions all make weighing simple and hassle-free.

Easy weighing on the move

The PT-500 is built for demanding day-to-day weighing jobs. Its sturdy handle and extra thick mild steel forks mean weighing palletised goods is quick and easy. The 32mm high red LED electronic display shows the weight reading clearly, even from a distance or in poorly-lit environments.
Low-profile forks, with just 78mm ground clearance, provide greater flexibility in lifting and weighing.

Easy access functions

The PT-500 is packed with easy-to-use features making weighing even easier. Tare will allow you to remove the weight of the pallet from the reading. Hold will stabilise the weight reading even if your load is moving around. A simple counting function allows you to add up items on a pallet quickly and easily.

Long-life internal battery for extra flexibility

The internal rechargeable battery of the MDPT-500 will last up to 40 hours. However, a programmable auto power-off and indicator screensaver will save battery life, meaning you can use the PT-500 for longer between charges.






 1570mm x 545mm x 730mm

 Power supply



 6v 4.5A/hr battery

 Battery Life

 40 hours of continuous use

  • Zero
  • Tare
  • Hold
  • Accumulation (of pallet weight)
  • Counting mode
  • Unit switchable kg/lb
  • Four heavy duty load cells
  • 32mm high bright red LED display
  • Programmable auto power-off/screensaver
  • Low profile forks