Wireless Compression Loadcell


Large scale projects can now be completed in a fraction of the time

  • Proprietary 2.4GHz wireless
  • Sealed to IP67
  • Battery life 1200 hours
  • Machined from High Grade Stainless Steel
  • 1000m or 3280ft Wireless Range

This product is designed to be used with WCOGS or SW-MWLC software. This is not included in the pricing so should be added on if needed.

The Straightpoint Wireless Compression Load Cell is taking the heavy lift and structural weighing industry by storm. By adding the Straightpoint wireless system to the already popular compression load cell line they have developed a cost-effective alternative to standard compression load cells. No longer hindered by troublesome and hard to maintain cables, large scale projects can be completed in a fraction of time previously required.

Maintenance costs are all but eliminated due to the absence of cables and connectors, and the products flexibility opens the door to a large number of applications in the heavy lift, energy, defence, rigging, shipping, and general transportation sectors, previously not considered.

Straightpoint’s Wireless Compression Load Cells are machined from high grade stainless steel, providing excellent strength and corrosion resistance. The heavy duty, compact load cell utilises Straightpoint’s advanced microprocessor based electronics and benefits from unrivalled resolution and accuracy. Data transmission is handled by the Straightpoint wireless systems proprietary transport protocol, is unmatched in performance and capable of a licence free transmission range of up to 1000 metres or 3280 feet.

It is not until you add the powerful array of wireless accessories that the full potential of this product is realised. These accessories which include a wireless signal booster and several user friendly Windows-based software packages, provide a level of flexibility not previously known in the load monitoring industry.

When used with Straightpoint’s WCOGS software these load cells will calculate centre of gravity and load. Connected to SW-MWLC it will allow the ability to data log and print reports, allowing the simultaneous display and monitoring of up to 100 wireless compression load cells on your PC or tablet. Lastly, coupled with Straightpoint’s SW-PTP software the operator can perform load tests at a safe distance and generate real time test certificates on site.

  • 9 Capacities from: 5te to 1000te
  • Battery: 4 x AA (1200 hours)
  • System Range: 1000m / 3280ft
  • Accuracy: +/- 0.3% of applied load
  • Frequency: 2.4 GHz
  • Operating Temperature: -10°C to +50°C
  • Safety Factor: 3:1 
  • Proprietary 2.4 GHz wireless
  • Industry leading wireless range of 1000m/3280ft
  • Error free data transmission
  • Unrivalled resolution
  • Environmentally sealed to IP67/NEMA6
  • Unmatched battery life of 1200 hours
  • Internal antennae
  • Remote on/off
  • Compact size
  • Reduced maintenance cost
  • Design validated by F.E.A
  • Measurement of systems on and offshore
  • Steel fabrication shops
  • Portside weighing bonded containers
  • Lifting bridges and other large installations
  • Heavy equipment moving companies
  • Used alongside Self-propelled modular trailer (SPMT) when moving heavy loads.