Kern ABS-N / ABJ-NM / ACS & ACJ Series


The bestseller in analytical balances, with high-quality single-cell weighing system

  • 0.1mg Resolution
  • Shockproof Construction
  • Transparent Casing
  • Optional Verification

Can be EC Verified to Class I

With an extremely high sensitivity rating, the ABS & ABJ series are the best-selling analytical balance from KERN. Equipped for measuring small mass from within the sub-milligram range, this is an exceptional balance, that not only gives you value for money but excellent performance.

Highly sophisticated, the balance tray is enclosed within a transparent case, to ensure no dust or air currents can affect the precision of the balance operations. The ABJ-NM / ACJ offer automatic internal adjustment in case of temperature changes and can be time-controlled every four hours. The ABS-N / ACS on the other hand offer external calibration (calibrated test weights can be supplied POA).

The ABJ-NM offers improved mechanical sturdiness, high corner load performance & a short stabilisation time of 3 seconds making this one of the market leaders.

There are a number of accessories available to compliment this range including a protective working cover, RS-232, weighing table, density determination, printers & ioniser.

This analytical balance comes highly recommended. Call us today for a quotation.

Model Capacity Division Size (d) Division Size (e) External Cal Internal Cal RS232/USB Interface
ABS 80-4N 82g 0.1mg N/A Yes    
ABS 120-4N 120g 0.1mg N/A Yes    
ABS 220-4N 220g 0.1mg N/A Yes    
ABS 320-4N 320g 0.1mg N/A Yes    
ACS 80-4 82g 0.1mg N/A Yes   Yes
ACS 100-4 120g 0.1mg N/A Yes   Yes
ACS 200-4 220g 0.1mg N/A Yes   Yes
ACS 300-4 320g 0.1mg N/A Yes   Yes
ABJ 80-4NM 82g 0.1mg N/A   Yes  
ABJ 120-4NM 120g 0.1mg N/A   Yes  
ABJ 220-4NM 220g 0.1mg N/A   Yes  
ABJ 320-4NM 320g 0.1mg N/A   Yes  
ACJ 80-4M 82g 0.1mg 1mg   Yes Yes
ACJ 100-4M 120g 0.1mg 1mg   Yes Yes
ACJ 200-4M 220g 0.1mg 1mg   Yes Yes
ACJ 300-4M 320g 0.1mg 1mg   Yes Yes
  • High sensitivity rating
  • Measures from within the sub-milligram range
  • Transparent casing
  • Automatic internal adjustments
  • Offers external calibration
  • High-stability mode
  • Simple recipe weighing & documenting
  • Automatic data output to PC/Printer
  • Four digit ID number printed on calibration protocol which is freely programmable
  • Accessories available

working-cover Protective Working Cover (five included) - £40

ioniser Ioniser to neutralise electrostatic charge - £890