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Retail Scales

Price-computing scales are easy to operate, they facilitate smooth & efficient transactions for both the operator and customer. With large backlit LCD displays that show weight, price per unit, and total cost, the scales speed the entire process by simultaneously showing information to customer & user.

Ideal for markets or produce stands, they work with rechargeable battery for up to 60 hours continuous use, so they can operate where electricity isn't available.

They are EC Approved because they are used for selling by weight to members of the public & this is a requirement Trading Standards are very strict on.

WTP/WSP EC Approved Series


  • Dual weighing range
  • 20 keys, 9 PLU's
  • 60 hours continuous use
  • Prices from £115

T-Scale Waterproof SP Series


  • IP65 waterproof protection
  • Capacities: 3/6kg & 6/15kg
  • Internal Resolution: 1/300,000
  • Prices from £175