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FD3-P & FDP3-P

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EC Approved Price Computing Retail Scale


This low-cost retail scale has many high spec features including a water channel designed underneath the platter to give a better protection against water running into the scale. Unique sealing rings designed to prevent dust, dirt, insects and water from entering the scale, thereby improving reliability and hygiene.

The FD3-P also features a special design for the power switch which prevents moisture getting inside the scale for better performance stability and reliability. A special sunken power coil outlet design to prevent water running into the socket to improve safety and reliability & easily adjusted levelling feet for the stability of the scale.

"The FD3-P is a fantastic price computing retail scale which is rapidly becoming one of our best sellers. It is proving excellent value for all our customers and at an absolute bargain price"

Paul Moody - Managing Director

Solent Scale Services Ltd



FD3-P-3   3kg x 1g
FD3-P-6   6kg x 2g
FD3-P-15   15kg x 5g
FD3-P-30   30kg x 10g 

Platter Size : 300mm x 225 mm (W x D)


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