Solent Scales' Inclusive Service Package

Our Inclusive Service Package goes one step beyond our Standard tier, offering extra reassurance for those relying on weighing equipment.

As with the Standard offering, those signing up for Inclusive support will benefit from two site visits every year. The first of those will encompass essential calibration of all weighing devices. These will be individually tested by experienced engineers, trained to assess accuracy and remedy any issues which threaten that. A calibration certificate will be issued on completion of what is for all intents and purposes an MOT check for your machinery. This will prove your scales have been fully calibrated and green light them to complete certain tasks – be they stock audits, vehicle weighing, load monitoring or the like.

Further to calibration, a second visit to your premises will be scheduled to complete further accuracy tests later in the year. While these do not meet the codes of practice of the UK Weighing Federation, they still provide peace of mind and restore confidence.

A real advantage of our Inclusive package is the fact the cost of any call out is included, unless damage is inflicted by a customer themselves. This means clients save on labour and travel expenses, otherwise charged at £55 an hour.

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