Solent Scales' Standard Service Package

Our Standard Service Package will ensure your weighing equipment is kept in working order and your business avoids downtime both unwelcome and unforeseen.

Those signing up for this level of support gain access to two service visits every year, one of which includes the calibration of all devices, something you’ll receive a certificate for.

Calibration is vitally important for all types of scales.

Extensive testing determines the accuracy of a product. If measurements have gone awry, our engineers will identify the root cause and rectify said issue. By the end of their visit your company can be safe in the knowledge it meets operating standards, some of which are legal requirements.

The equivalent of an MOT test for weighing scales, calibration should occur at least once yearly. This check-up will stave off financial penalties and uphold your brand reputation.

In addition to calibration, our Standard package also allows for a second site visit to conduct interim service and maintenance, complete with a subsequent Accuracy Test. It should be noted this second visit will not result in a certificate as standalone accuracy tests do not meet the codes of practice laid out by the UK Weighing Federation.

Our Standard Service Package is designed to keep your equipment operational and your business productive.

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