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This multifunctional digital weight indicator is cutting edge and comes in rack version, complete with 4 channels for linking platforms. The all-purpose tool comes complete with a built-in rechargeable battery, a tally roll printer, battery charger and case.

Complete with waterproof LCD backlit keyboard, the digital display comes with 6 x 25-mm high indication of active functions, and is encased in a metallic capsule. Fitted with 4 connectors for connection to up to 8 optional platforms, there is a primary connector for use with a PC or radio modem.

I/O Section

RS232/C port configurable for connection with printer/labeller, or for attached printer. RS232/C (or optionally RS485 or USB) bi-directional port configurable for PC, PLC, remote display, and radio modem Quick RJ RS232 plug connection IR input for remote control.


  • Connectable with up to 8 analogue load cells having 350 Ohm input resistance
  • Built-in rechargeable battery (10-hour minimum operating time, recharge in 8 hours) with fitted external 12 Vdc / 230 Vac adapter.
  • Dimensions: 325 x 460 x 170mm
  • Total weight: about 5 kg


Static axle totalisation, with printing of the weight of each single axle and of the vehicle total.

Print Specific Functions - Configurable print layout with:

  • 4 header lines
  • Weight of each single platform and sum of any combination.
  • Total vehicle weight.
  • Ticket number
  • Weigh number
  • Vehicle barycentric coordinates
  • Code 39 barcode
  • Date and time



USBCKR ico Built-in USB Port - £205

thermal-rollBox of 20 Tally Rolls - £20

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