T-Scale U8 Weighbridge Indicator

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System: Standard: TOS II embedded Operating system 1.2GHz

Memory: 1GB RAM, 512MB Flash

Display: 8" colour touch screen operator display

Keyboard: Touch Screen (resistive) with 5 keys (mechanical switch)

Housing: ABS casing

Printing: Can connect external printers: TM295, LX300, Label Printer

Power: 6V/4Ah rechargeable battery as standard

Interfaces: 2 x A/D fitted as standard (for second scale input)

  • 2 x USB High Speed
  • Plug-in USB mass storage device support
  • 2 x RS-232

Coms: 10/100 base T Ethernet as standard

  • Optional WiFI wireless communication

Certifications: CE, OIML

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