A&D HR-AZ/HR-A Series

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The HR-A/AZ Series are entry-level Compact Analytical Balances with a shatterproof, anti-static draft shield. The rotary doors also give HR-A/AZ balances the smallest footprint ever in an A&D analytical (0.1mg) balance.

  • Sub Milligram (0.0001g) Resolution
  • Capacities: 252g/152g/102g/62g
  • RS-232 Interface
  • Built-in internal calibration at the touch of a button (HR-AZ)

What do you expect most from a precision analytical balance? If you are like us, you will agree that accuracy and reliability come before anything else. This is currently one of the fastest selling Analytical balances and is ideal for education and small factory use. It's small, easy to clean, quick and has a long warranty of 4 years!

Saving Time

  • Fast stabilisation in 2 seconds - The widely-recognised Compact Super Hybrid Sensor (C-SHS) technology now enables you to perform high-speed, frustration-free weighing even at a resolution of 0.1mg.
  • One-Touch Automatic Calibration - The built in calibration mass let you ensure the accuracy of your balance with just one key press.

Saving Space

  • Compact Footprint of 198mm x 294mm - Smaller than an A4 piece of paper; maximising opportunities for use of an Analytical balance in even the smallest of spaces.
  • Rotary Sliding Doors & removable Breeze Break.

Saving Cost

  • Lean design for affordability - The design is all about "keeping it simple" without compromising quality of performance.
  • Capacities: 252g/152g/102g/62g
  • Minimum weighing value: 0.1mg / 1mg
  • Internal Calibration (AZ)
  • RS-232 Interface
  • Weighing Pan Size: Ø90mm
  • AC Adapter
  • 4 Years Warranty!
  • Robust construction, strong protection against dust & water
  • Built-in internal calibration at the touch of a button (HR-AZ)
  • Shock absorber function
  • Auto power ON/OFF function
  • B5 size footprint for use in narrow space
  • Reverse backlit LCD display for easy to read weighing results
  • SCF – Statistical calculation function
  • Standard RS-232C
  • Fast compact SHS sensor, response time of about 2 seconds
  • Easily removable large breeze break