Solent Scales' All Inclusive Service Package

Our All-Inclusive Package covers every eventuality, ensuring your weighing equipment is finely tuned and primed for daily use.

As with the Standard and Inclusive tiers, customers will receive twice-yearly visits, the first of which encompasses calibration vital if your business is to adhere to stringent regulations.

The legislation states any scales used to administer treatment or sell goods must be calibrated annually. Signing up for All-Inclusive support means they will be.

Our expert team will conduct extensive tests into levels of accuracy and both pinpoint and remedy any faults identified. Before leaving the premises, they will issue you with a professional certificate.

They’ll return later in the year to conduct a series of accuracy tests and what might be described as a mini service. Note, unlike calibration, these will not adhere to the UK Weighing Federations code of practice and therefore won’t carry any certification. Even so, they provide welcome assurance.

Should the worse happen and your weighing scales cease to function, resulting in downtime, you can take comfort in knowing emergency call outs will not incur extra costs. Having signed up for an All-Inclusive package, you’ll be covered for the £58 an hour travel and labour costs others will have to account for. The only scenario in which this wouldn’t be the case is if the damage was self-inflicted.

Likewise, any spare parts required to get your scales up and running once again will be covered under this service. Solent Scales will not only source the components but fit them for no extra cost.

Our All-Inclusive package really is the complete solution and a must for any business dependent on weighing equipment.

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"When you are running a business it’s easy to forget sometimes to treat the customer as if they are your only priority, something Solent Scales pride themselves on".

Jamie Higgins, Director TJ Transport