What are Crane Scales?

crane scale

Crane Scales are heavy-duty industrial scales that can be used for weighing large or awkwardly shaped goods where you may not have the floor space to put a large platform scale or unable to balance the shape of the goods. You may also hear them be called suspended scales or overhead scales.

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Buyer’s Guide: Check-Weigher Scales


Check weighers are used by many industries (such as food production) to compare the weight of their products with predetermined limits set by the user within the scale. Some basic checkweighers may have a traffic light system, or Hi/Lo/OK indicators, whereas more advanced models could have configurable colour touch screen displays where the user can clearly see the target weight. 

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Weighing Scales for Laboratory Analysis?


In Laboratory work there is little to no room for error. The equipment you choose is therefore vital to receiving the most accurate results.

Whether that be for measuring out pharmaceuticals (which are heavily controlled and prescribed in specific doses for safety reasons) or manufacturing products such as foods, ensuring you have the best of the correct equipment is paramount.

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Analytics Balances vs. Precision Balances

There are countless occupations and jobs which require you to be specific and precise when measuring, even in small amounts.

For such tasks, you will be choosing either an analytical balance or a precision balance.

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What is a Moisture Analyser?

It is no surprise that manufactured products have strict regulations regarding quality and content. This is particularly true in the catering industry and is essential to maintaining a standard of healthy food. Let’s take a closer look at some of the Moisture Analysers supplied by Solent Scales…

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What is a Bench Scale?

It may seem like an obvious point to make, but bench scales do exactly as described.

Perfectly sized to be placed on tables and work counters, they blend into any environment.

Despite being considered a ‘standard’ scale, they are extremely versatile and for that reason are deployed in a range of sectors, including bakeries, supermarkets, hospitals, pharmacies, butchers, warehouses and more.

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What Are Different Industrial Scales Used For?

Industrial scales are produced in a wide variety of sizes and styles, all designed for use in a specific field.

Equipment which is used in medical, retail and industrial settings must be robust and reliable, providing accurate measurements over a long period of time.

Throughout this blog we’ll explore them all in detail, highlighting their respective applications and advantages.

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Test Weights - Load Testing Done Right

Businesses that rely on weighing scales for output will attest to how important regular calibration can be.

When selling a product or performing a service based on weight, accuracy is vital. 

Inaccurate readings can result in a customer paying more or a company themselves haemorrhaging money.

Solent Scales guard against both eventualities by offering several repair and service packages. Recognising when your equipment requires servicing is made that bit easier by test weights.

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Does Your Business Need Platform Scales?

Swift Lift Platform Scales - Solent Scales

A platform scale can be very useful for your business if you weigh and count goods on a regular basis.

They can be used in a variety of ways:

  • Manufacturing companies utilise them to weigh weighty goods.
  • Animal care organisations adopt them to comfortably weigh large pets.
  • Healthcare businesses use them to weigh wheelchair users
  • Food processing firms rely on them to weigh bulk commodities

and even airports use platform scales to weigh luggage.

If your business is not on the list above, do not worry, you may still have a need for platform scales in your own work environment. Let's talk about their many advantages.

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