Does Your Business Need Platform Scales?

Swift Lift Platform Scales - Solent Scales

A platform scale can be very useful for your business if you weigh and count goods on a regular basis.

They can be used in a variety of ways:

  • Manufacturing companies utilise them to weigh weighty goods.
  • Animal care organisations adopt them to comfortably weigh large pets.
  • Healthcare businesses use them to weigh wheelchair users
  • Food processing firms rely on them to weigh bulk commodities

and even airports use platform scales to weigh luggage.

If your business is not on the list above, do not worry, you may still have a need for platform scales in your own work environment. Let's talk about their many advantages.

1. Suitable for different industries

As highlighted above, platform scales can be used in a variety of different industries because there are different applications for them, such as checking the weight of goods to determine exactly what is coming in and out of the business. Similarly, you can check the exact numbers of items within a shipment...

2. Improve Workflow

Using platform scales simplifies so many processes.

You can, for example, ensure that productivity remains high on the production line of your factory by using scales to check that outgoing shipments are correct. This as opposed to performing checks manually, with the heightened risk of user error.

Not only do platform scales quicken up processes, depending on how they are installed, they also greatly reduce setup and preparatory times. This made possible given they can be installed into the ground as a pit mounted scale.

Platform scales also communicate results between different departments of your business, streamlining data sharing.


3. Help comply with regulations

Platform scales are made to comply with regulations depending on what country they are built and used in, as well as their intended industry.

Each region has their own regulations but rest assured that all platform scales that we hire, and sell comply with guidelines set right here in the UK. They can also be Trade Approved.

Certain platform scales made specifically for one industry - like manufacturing - allow your business to realise better efficiency and accuracy whilst weighing.

4. Precision

Given the high chances of error when counting items, platform scales reduce discrepancies and help businesses who count items in their day-to-day operations to pack them efficiently and accurately for their clients.

5. Durable

Manufacturers of platform scales use metal alloys to allow them to be durable and corrosion-resistant, meaning they can be used in all climatic conditions. Platform scales are a long-term investment that provides value over many years.

These are just a handful of the advantages of using platforms scales in a business. So, to answer the question, could you benefit from them? Yes!

Want to know more about this weighing equipment or discuss a possible purchase or hire? Speak to the sales team.