This exclusive, patent-pending, modular weighbridge comes in 8-metre sections that can be fitted together or used independently of one another.

This modular design brings with it the flexibility to create one or more individual weighbridges depending on your needs. Multi-module weighbridges can be easily separated and returned to independent weighbridge use, giving your business the flexibility it needs and the ability to minimise disruption.

The UniweigherTM Modular Weighbridge is built from high-quality steel; with a 10mm Durbar Steel-plated bed for maximum rigidity and longevity in the face of industrial weighing. All seams on its surface are fully welded to facilitate extra strength. The whole weighbridge flexes by just 6mm under maximum load. The Uniweigher Weighbridge is perfect for both surface-mounted and pit mounted applications alike.

Specifically designed to be compatible with almost all indicators and systems, you don’t have to overhaul your entire business to install one.

These modular weighbridges are made in the UK and built to last. They include a standard five-year manufacturer's warranty that covers both structure and parts. We also offer a fast-response repair service which aims to attend a call out within 8 working hours, should you need us.

Weighbridge service & calibration contracts are available to ensure regular and planned maintenance, calibration and accuracy tests are undertaken.

The UniweigherTM Modular Weighbridge is available to purchase or hire*. Cost-effective, impactful weighing equipment from one of the industry's leading suppliers, it will arrive fully calibrated.

* Hire periods can be discussed and quoted.

    • 10mm Durbar Steel Finish

      The heavy duty steel construction means that this weighbridge deflects only 6mm with a 3 axle 25-tonne load. The unparalleled strength ensures minimal metal fatigue and enhanced longevity for a long-lasting weighbridge.

      Weighbridge Steel Surface - Solent Scales
    • Modular Design

      Designed to expand and contract to your business needs, this weighbridge is constructed of 8m x 3m fully modular sections. 

      These sections are capable of constructing any size weighbridge to suit your business. This could be 32m long and 3m wide, or 8m by 6m wide. The design is fully configurable and can be changed at any time to suit the unique requirements of your business.

      Uniweigher-Modular-Weighbridge - Solent Scales
    • Widely Compatible

      The UniweigherTM is compatible with a huge range of indicators and systems, meaning that a weighbridge upgrade or change doesn't have to mean overhauling your entire system.

      Modular Weighbdridge Weighing - Solent Scales
    • Economic Construction

      Simple yet robust construction means that each additional section requires half the number of load cells of the first module.

      However, each extra module can be relocated and used as its own weighbridge, providing the correct number of load cells are used. 

      For surface mounting, a flat concrete slab with just 400mm tall ramps are all that is required.

      Modular Weighbridge Construction - Solent Scales
    • Made in the UK

      Made in the UK by a team of specialists in the weighbridge manufacturing industry. 

      By bringing together the best mechanics, engineers and distribution networks, Mettron help UK and international customers get the products and services they need quickly and cost-effectively.

      Made in the UK - Solent Scales




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