Industrial Scale Hire

Hiring industrial scales for your business can offer a cost-effective solution which makes commercial sense in many situations and circumstances.

Whether your business requires axle weigh pads, weighbeams, counting scales or even a weighbridge, Solent Scales offers a wide and reliable range of quality industrial scales for hire. Our products are suitable for a wide range of applications and available for both short and long term hire.

Ranger Count 3000 Screw Tare g RightFor some businesses, scales are required for temporary use, for example, stock-taking audits. Other businesses may want to trial an industrial scale before they commit to buying one. Other reasons for hire include cover for faulty equipment undergoing repair. In all these circumstances, scale hire makes more commercial sense than an outright purchase.

Hired scales arrive fully calibrated and ready to use. They are guaranteed to be free of faults and there is no need for your business to invest further in servicing and calibration.

Some businesses may benefit from this option if they are a start-up with limited funds, or if their scales have malfunctioned and need to be repaired. Short-term hire can also be beneficial during a time of economic downturn, due to associated costs being far lower.

At Solent Scales we also provide excellent customer service and follow-up support should you require it. If you have any questions about the best solution for your business, we can help to identify the best scales to suit your needs, and offer advice on the benefits of hire and purchase.

Please feel free to get in touch with your questions.


Current Industrial Weighing Equipment for Hire:

  • 20t axle pad systems for vehicle weighing
  • 3000kg weighbeams suitable for pallet weighing
  • 1500kg stainless steel weighbeams suitable for the food industry
  • Platform scales with counting capability ranging from 500kg to 60kg capacities
  • Counting scales with 1/600,000 internal counting resolution
  • Precision Balances up to three decimal places

In addition, we are now able to offer our Modular Weighbridges for loan at very competitive rates (this would make the most commercial sense for a hire period of between 6-24 months, where a longer-term yet still temporary solution is required).


Solent Scales provided a very fast & efficient service on our calibrations.

Our external auditor (LRQA) noted the certificates issued within one day and was impressed – likewise Solent Scales made our lives easier by including our own internal balance ID on the certificates along with the balance serial numbers".

Dave Camp, QA Manager - Ashland Inc

"Hire is very often overlooked but can be put to very effective use in the right application. If a piece of weighing equipment no matter how big or small is critical to the day to day performance of a business, then it makes commercial sense to spend relatively minimal amounts of money on a hire scale rather than potentially lose larger amounts of money on critical downtime. Hire can fill the gap & keep production & turnover going".

Karrie-Ann Lee, Solent Scales