Although designed with pallet weighing in mind, weigh beams have many applications in warehouses, depots and factories.

The weigh beams we sell are ideal for areas where space and access are limited because they take up much less space and can be easily moved. Their manoeuvrability also means they can be spaced at various distances apart, making them even more suitable for weighing a wide range of objects such as boxes, crates, large products and pallets.

Here at Solent Scales we can supply, hire and calibrate many kinds of industrial scales so if you can not find what you are looking for, get in touch with our friendly team.

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  1. VWB Wireless Weigh Beams
    VWB Wireless Weigh Beams

    Wireless Portable Mild Steel Weigh Beams

    • Capacity from 2000kg to 6000kg
    • Long wireless range
    • Perfect for factories where wires get damaged
    • Windows Software & Dongle included as standard
    • Optional Tablet Display
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  2. Kern UFA
    Kern UFA

    Highly Versatile IP67 Weigh Beams

    • Capacities: 600kg, 1500kg, 3000kg & 6000kg
    • High Mobility with optional battery
    • Check-weighing indicator
    • Sturdy Handles for transportation
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  3. Marsden PB-1200-I-500
    Marsden PB-1200-I-500

    Heavy duty beam scales to make weighing palletised goods easier

    • Capacities: 600kg, 1500kg & 2000kg
    • Mild Steel Portable Beams
    • Stainless Steel indicator
    • Ideal for Factories & Warehouses
    • Can be EC Approved
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  4. AELP (GK) Weigh Beams
    AELP (GK) Weigh Beams

    An affordable solution to weigh oversized or bulky items

    • Integrated wheels permit easy movement
    • Five metres of shielded cable
    • Capacities 1000kg, 2000kg or 3000kg
    • Heavy duty rubber feet for stability
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  5. T12B Weigh Beams
    T12B Weigh Beams

    Heavy duty painted mild steel beams with T130 Indicator

    • Ideal for use in areas with limited or restricted access
    • Fitted with wheels and handles for easy movement
    • 3000kg x 0.5kg
    • RS232
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  6. Weigh Beams
    Weigh Beams LP 1500mm

    Heavy duty Weigh Beams with LP7650 mains and rechargeable battery weigh indicator. Both beams have a welded carry handle and a roller wheel on each end for easy moving and portablity. Capacities range from 1000kg to 5000kg.

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