Bench scales are true to their name in that they are small enough to be placed on tables, counters and workbenches.

Commonplace in the likes of bakeries, supermarkets, hospitals and warehouses, they are deployed to measure the weight of smaller items.

Battery operated, bench scales are nearly always portable and bring with them great flexibility, taking up little room in busy and crowded environments. This is owing to the fact that many encompass displays, keypads and platforms in one single, self-contained housing. Others come with a separate pole and indicator.

Highly accurate - some as fine as 0.005g – these products are easy to operate and available in a wide range of capacities and readabilities.

The digital bench scales listed below include trade approve models and those with an IP rating denoting their resistance to dust and liquids.

They present the best method for checking weighing, part counting and more.

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  1. VALOR™ 1000 - V12P
    Ohaus VALOR™ 1000 - V12P Stainless Steel Bench Scale - Trade Approved Options Available
    As low as £117.00

    With a food-safe design that is NSF-certified and supports a HACCP system, the Valor®1000 Series is a reliable choice for general food weighing.

    Easy-to-operate Valor®1000 scales feature a two-button operation, a large backlit LCD display and up to 1,500-hour battery life.

    Trade Approved Options available 


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  2. Ohaus Defender 6000
    Ohaus DEFENDER 6000 WASHDOWN - I-D61XW
    As low as £1,787.00

    Advanced IP68/IP69k Washdown Bench Scale

    • Multi-functional & user friendly
    • Stainless Steel Platform
    • Capacities up to 150kg
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  3. Ohaus Ranger 7000
    Ohaus Ranger 7000

    Extremely durable scale designed to thrive in rugged industrial environments

    • Capacities 3kg to 60kg
    • Weighing, Parts counting, checkweighing, percent weighing & many more
    • Stainless Steel Platform
    • Trade approved (-M) Models
    • -GB & -EU Models for different working temperatures
    • MHD models include Internal Calibration
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  4. Ohaus Defender 5000
    Ohaus Defender 5000
    As low as £617.00

    Multi-functional & user friendly

    • Stainless Steel Platform
    • Capacities up to 600kg
    • 50,000 item library
    • 1000 user profiles
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  5. Kern Platform Scale SFB-H
    Kern SFB-H
    As low as £790.00

    Stainless steel platform balance with dust and spray protection to IP65

    • Capacities from 10kg to 150kg
    • Fully Stainless Steel
    • IP65 Protection Rating
    • Level Indicator & levelling feet
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  6. Ohaus Defender 3000 Low Profile
    Ohaus Defender 3000 Low Profile

    Defender™ 3000 low-profile scale comes equipped with a front mount handle which increases mobility in applications that require moving the scale on the table.

    • Capacities 30kg & 60kg
    • Easy Carrying Handle
    • Basic counting mode
    • Rechargeable Battery
    • Stainless Steel
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  7. Ohaus Catapult 5000
    Ohaus Catapult 5000

    The Heavy-Duty shipping scale that combines utility and economy

    • Capacities 6kg to 200kg
    • Stainless Steel Platform
    • R Models (Small Platform)
    • L Models (Medium Platform)
    • X Models (Large Platform)
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  8. Kern EOB
    Kern EOB

    The best sellers in parcel & veterinary scales

    • Battery operated
    • Capacities from 15kg to 300kg
    • Simple and convenient 4 key operation
    • Protective Working Cover Included
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  9. Adam AGB & ABF
    Adam AGB & ABF

    Ideal for industrial settings, AGB and AGF bench and floor scales feature a stainless steel indicator and sturdy construction, and are available in three platform sizes and a wide selection of capacities.

    • Built-in RS232
    • Stainless Steel pan for easy cleaning
    • Capacities from 6kg to 600kg
    • Colour coded keys
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  10. DEFENDER™ 3000 - I-D33
    Ohaus Defender 3000
    • Built-in RS232
    • Parts Counting Functionality
    • Modular Design
    • Capacity up to 300kg
    • Prices from £360
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