Axle Weigh Pads - commonly referred to as Axle Weigh Mats - are similar to Corner Weight Scales in they are portable, lightweight and high-capacity scales designed to prevent overloading.

These vehicle weighing scales are typically used to determine whether a vehicle is within its legal limits for travelling on public roads, helping drivers avoid hefty fines. 

Various high quality axle weight scales - and axle pads particularly - have different maximum load capacities. This dictates that different models of axle pads will be suitable for different vehicles.

You should always check what your maximum load capacity is likely to be before you decide on a set of axle weight pads, as this will determine what capacity your axle pads will require.

If you are at all unsure on which portable weigh pads are most suitable, please pick up the phone and talk to us to get the best advice. Alternatively you can always contact us using our online contact form.

Did you know Solent Scales can also provide a complete maintenance and calibration service package for axle pad? Find out more here. Learn more about vehicle overloading here.

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