Moisture analysers or moisture balances are used in a range of industries which are affected by regulating criteria on the moisture content of manufactured products.

The process for determining an object’s moisture content begins with taking an initial measurement of its weight and comparing this with an additional measurement after it is heated.

The heating process removes all of the moisture within the product through evaporation which then allows the user to ascertain it’s dry weight.

Heat is applied inside the balance itself, removing the need for the product to be removed and heated externally. This is extremely important as doing so can lead to exposure to contaminants and this can result in weighing inaccuracies.

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  1. Radwag MA.R Moisture Analysers
    Radwag MA.R Moisture Analyzers

    A moisture analyzer is a laboratory measuring instrument intended to determine relative humidity for small samples of different materials. MA.R series redefines moisture analyzers standards. This series has been equipped with a brand new readable LCD display providing an extra text line for information such as supplementary messages and data, e.g. product name or tare value.

    • Capacities: 50g, 110g & 210g
    • Readability: 1mg, 0.1mg
    • 100 Drying Programs
    • 6 Databases
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  2. Ohaus MB120 Set
    Ohaus MB120

    Professional Moisture Analyser for advanced moisture analysis

    Measuring moisture content has never been easier than with the MB120 Moisture Analyser. Geared to increase precision and efficiency in the lab, this moisture analyser features a precisely controlled halogen heating system which helps yield fast and repeatable results with readability up to 0.01%.

    • Capacity: 120g x 1mg
    • Drying Temperature: 40-230°C
    • Halogen Lamp
    • 4 built-in drying profiles
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