Why Purchase Baby Scales From Us?

Solent Scales have been providing medical scales to hospitals and trusts all over the country for many years and are a trusted supplier for both NHS and private medical centres. Not only can we supply digital medical scales but we also service, maintain and calibrate scales to make sure they are fully functioning and as accurate as they can possibly be.


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  1. Seca 385 Baby Scale 50kg front M
    Seca 385 Baby Scale 50kg

    Class III Medically Approved 50kg 2-in-1 Baby/Toddler Scale

    Convertible and robust – baby scale and child scale in one

    • Weigh babies lying down and toddlers standing up
    • Compact, robust and lightweight: ideal for mobile use
    • High-quality baby scale with calibration approval at an economical price
    • Wide range of functions: TARE, HOLD and Breast-Milk-Intake-Function (BMIF)
    • With levels and levelling feet for a perfect horizontal installation
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  2. Seca 336 Baby Scale main M
    Seca 336 Baby Scale

    Class III Medically Approved Baby scale with flat weighing tray

    The space-saving all-rounder

    • Measuring and weighing can be done in a single step thanks to an optional length measuring rod
    • Flat construction for easy storage in drawers
    • Lightweight with a carrying handle for mobile use
    • Wide range of functions: TARE, BMIF, HOLD, Auto-HOLD and adjustable damping
    • Easy-to-read, backlit LCD display
    • Optional with digital measuring rod seca 234 or analog measuring rod seca 232n
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  3. Seca 757 Baby Scale M
    Seca 757 Baby Scale

    Class III Medically Approved 15kg EMR-validated Baby Scale with very precise graduation

    Tailored to the needs of neonatology

    • Utmost accuracy: suitable for premature infants
    • Weighing tray made of heat-retaining plastic
    • Backlit, easy-to-read LCD display
    • Included rechargeable batteries allow mobile use without searching for a power outlet
    • Three-stage adjustable damping for fast weighing
    • EMR-validated: transmit measured data directly to any electronic medical record system or printer
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  4. Seca 376 Digital Baby Scales M
    Seca 376 Digital Baby Scales

    Class III Medically Approved EMR-validated 20kg baby scale with extra large weighing tray

    Restless baby? Not a problem!

    • Weighing tray with high side walls for increased safety
    • Weighing and measuring in one step thanks to optional length measuring rod
    • Three-step damping for fast weighing
    • Large tray is suitable for weighing toddlers while sitting
    • EMR-validated: transmit measured data directly to any electronic medical record system or printer
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Why Weigh a Newborn?

It's a well-known fact that the first weigh-in of a baby will be dearly remembered, lovingly shared and almost always commented on. People rarely forget their baby's birth weight; which is why hospitals are expected to have accurate baby scales.

Weighing newborns is also important to check on their health – over time it shows you the rate at which they gain weight. Establishing a growth chart is one of the few objective ways to assess a baby's health as they can't express symptoms of illness in any other way than crying.

To guard against babies losing too much weight in the first fortnight, they should be weighed with accurate scales used by Community Midwives, Health Visitors and GPs.

Seca Baby Scales, along with the Marsden options listed above, simplify the weighing of infants and go a long way to ensuring they're properly looked after in those first few months.