What is a Bench Scale?

It may seem like an obvious point to make, but bench scales do exactly as described.

Perfectly sized to be placed on tables and work counters, they blend into any environment.

Despite being considered a ‘standard’ scale, they are extremely versatile and for that reason are deployed in range of sectors, including bakeries, supermarkets, hospitals, pharmacies, butchers, warehouses and more.

Bench scales are a reliable and simple piece of equipment, perfect for daily use due to their simplicity and compact options.

Speaking of options, bench scales - whilst being simple to use - come with many variations in size and features to help them be more useful in each specific field.

The benefits of using a bench scale lie in their simplicity compared to larger weighing platforms. More precisely, the ability to move them wherever they are required. This removes the need to have multiple scales to hand.

The best way to highlight their sheer versatility is to explore the selection of models themselves.


Ohaus VALOR™ 1000 - V12P Stainless Steel Bench Scale 

First up is what some consider the benchmark bench scale. Yet this model is intended for use in environments where food is present.

NSF-certified and equipped with a battery life of around 1000 hours, the Ohaus VALOR is reliable and easy-to-operate – making it essential.

Priced from £130, this is one of our most cost-effective options.



Specially made for food, chemicals and pharmaceuticals - including production and packaging – the Ohaus Defender is suitable for different tasks, even within the same industry. It’s purposely designed with its screen raised for easy weight display.


Ohaus Ranger 7000

The Ranger is an extremely durable scale designed to thrive in rugged industrial environments. What’s more it features the highest resolution screen from an Ohaus scale, ensuring weights are always readable.

Additional features include several application modes, connectivity options and the largest memory library of any scale in their portfolio.


Kern SFB-H

The SFB-H is a standard bench scale with a raised, easy to read display.

A defining feature is its dust and spray protection, which has been implemented to ensure longevity in dirty environments.

Coasted in stainless steel, it is extremely durable.


Ohaus Defender 3000 Low Profile

This low-profile version of the Ohaus defender is designed to build on the portability synonymous with bench scales.

Given its display is located below the level of the platform, it can be stored in drawers and upon low shelves. Fitted handles make movement that bit easier.


Ohaus Catapult 5000

While the majority of bench scales are praised for their sheer compactness there is sometimes the need to go bigger.

The Catapult allows for that and comes in three sizes.

These are the R models (small), L models (Medium) and X models (Large) respectively.

Finished In stainless steel and boasting a durable platform, it is right at home in a shipping warehouse, while it also lends itself to general weighing.



Kern EOB

The EOB by Kern is a simple and convenient option which is popular within the veterinary and shipping industries.

The Screen pad contains the 4 buttons necessary to operate the scale and is on a spring cord to allow stretching.

This makes it usable from any angle even with overhanging packages, which would otherwise cover the screen on a different model.


In summary, there is no end to the options and applications that bench scales offer.

No matter your industry, there is an option for you at Solent Scales. View our wide range here.