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The Heavy-Duty shipping scale that combines utility and economy

The low-profile Catapult 5000 is an economical shipping scale that's ideal for your shipping and receiving needs, as well as other general weighing applications. A sturdy stainless steel platform that can withstand heavy loads, an easy-to-read LED screen and an optional rechargeable battery make Catapult 5000 a great scale for small businesses, mail rooms, warehouses and even industrial environments.


Standard Features Include:

  • The Heavy-Duty platform accomodates both large and small packages of varying shapes - Built-to-last with a large stainless steel platform, the Catapult 5000 is ideal for weighing heavy loads and packages of varying sizes; and can even be used in Industrial environments.
  • The bright LED display enables the scale to be used in any lighting condition - The Catapult 5000 is equipped with a LED display and its brightness can be adjusted to show results clearly; even in less than optimal lighting conditions.
  • Versatile data transfer and power options enhance operation - The use experience is enhanced with a RS232 interface which enables easy data transfer, and a rechargeable battery which guarantess hours of uninterrupted operation and portability (both optional).


  • Available Capacities: 6kg, 30kg, 50kg, 100kg & 200kg

  • 72 hours with rechargeable battery (optional)

  • Stainless Steel construction with ABS housing

  • Overload protection (125%)

  • 6 digit display

  • Three Different platform sizes available:

  • 310 x 270 x 40mm ¦ 520 x 400 x 75mm ¦ 900 x 600 x 80mm


30101017-0000A3LO-515Wx515H-1454102502966 In-Use Cover - £15

30548975-0000SRN3-515Wx515H-1570024427112 Rubber Mat Kit Anti-Skid - £58

30251812-0000S4LQ-515Wx515H-1563954873239 Rechargeable Battery - £37


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