What Are Seca Baby Scales and How Do They Work?


A newborn baby brings with it great excitement. After gender and name, the new arrival’s weight is typically the first topic of discussion.

From the very outset then, baby scales play an important role in a child’s life.

When it comes to such equipment, few products rival those produced by Seca.

For decades their weighing scales have assisted doctors, nurses and caregivers in monitoring an infant’s health and early development. But what distinguishes their range from that of their competitors?

Let’s take a look…


After that initial weigh-in, a growth chart is created for each and every newborn. Given babies are unable to communicate any ailments, this presents the best way of judging their well-being over those first few months. Regular readings are therefore essential to ensure they’re growing as expected.

Repeated weighing however can easily take its toll on apparatus. Its reassuring then to discover Seca scales are among the most robust on the market. They can be relied upon to provide accurate readings over the course of several months, at the risk of neither drift nor damage. This refreshing durability is appreciated by the likes of midwives and GPs.

Battery Powered

Seca scales are mostly battery operated, removing any need for plugs or cables. Compact instruments, they can be driven between homes (or surgeries) with minimum fuss.

Simplifying matters generally is something all Seca models have in common…. 

Ease of Use

This extends to their operation, which is made decidedly easier by the presence of large lettering and buttons which are self-explanatory. In fact the entire process is intuitive. The welcome sight of a Tare option meanwhile allows for a complete reset when needed.


Class III

The Seca baby scales available through Solent Scales are all CE approved and Class III registered. Both labels are important barometers, with the latter a must for any medical weighing machines, as well as laboratory and pharmaceutical balances.

Each certification acts as quality assurance – confirmation you are dealing with a professional product that meets key requirements.

Damping Function

The weighing process itself can often prove difficult, with a wriggling baby both uncomfortable and unruly. Again, Seca account for that. Detachable trays are available with some models, while the 336 includes a flat cradle.

Elsewhere a special damping function is designed to equalise movements and give reliable readings on those occasions a baby is particularly restless.

Some models even double up as floor scales for small children, extending their usefulness.


In the hospital environment hygiene is vitally important. Certain spillages are impossible to prevent but not control. With clear-up operations in mind, all Seca baby scales come with wipe clean surfaces in order to maintain cleanliness. It goes without saying, this is vitally important in these uncertain times.

For more information on cleaning scales click here.


Measuring Milk Intake

Perhaps the biggest advantage of Seca scales though is their ability to measure breast milk intake – extremely important for young children before they move onto solid foods.

A notoriously difficult process - at least compared to the bottled approach - is again simplified by all models in their range.

Historically a baby is weighed before any feed and then again afterwards. That initial reading is deducted from the second, to reveal how much a baby has taken on in the interim.

To save parents the hassle of jotting down numbers, Seca scales come complete with a store function – saving previous readings. This allows for an accurate and immediate comparison.

In fact, all note keeping is resigned to history when using this equipment as measurements can be sent wirelessly – modernising an age-old process.

Evidently Seca have come to establish themselves as the go-to brand for baby scales. Theirs is a reputation well earned, having assisted parents and practitioners for some 40+ years.

With such a pivotal role that baby scales play in the early days and months of a child’s life there really can be no compromise on quality. And this is why Seca products continue to lead the way.


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