What Are The Benefits of Hiring An Axle Pad System?


When we think of hire, most of us would immediately think of hiring a car, maybe tools, or perhaps even a bouncy castle – but when it comes to professional and industrial weighing equipment, hire is often overlooked.

But what if your business relies on a piece of equipment like an axle pad system for vehicle weighing, and your set has malfunctioned, or they have been sent away for servicing or repair?

If your business relies on weighing equipment on a day-to-day basis in order to function, and it suddenly becomes unavailable for use, your business would inevitably experience critical downtime. Operations, production and turnover would decrease, directly impacting profitability.

Purchasing a new piece of equipment during the interim could be costly, depending on the equipment which needs replacing, unnecessary in the long run, and in addition it might not be readily available for supply, so downtime could still occur. In this instance, hiring a piece of weighing equipment for a relatively small sum of money (in comparison to loss of profits and outlay for a new piece of equipment) makes more commercial sense than ceasing operations altogether.

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Why Might You Hire an Axle Pad System?

If you have a need to use an axle pad system on a daily basis, it would probably make sense to buy one. However, hiring a piece of equipment like this can have huge benefits in certain circumstances, such as preventing critical downtime to your business during equipment maintenance or malfunction (as outlined above).  

There are other benefits to hiring an axle pad system, and these benefits are outlined below.

Try Before You Buy

You need to weigh vehicles but you’re not sure of the best product for your needs. In this instance, hiring an axle pad system would allow you to test the product to see if it will be suitable for your business’s needs, but also it will give you an idea of the type of axle pad system you would like to purchase.

Keep Initial Costs Down

If you are a start-up or a relatively new business, you might not have the funds to purchase high end weighing equipment straight away, even if your business needs these items in order to operate. In this instance, hiring an axle pad system would be a huge benefit to your business, as you could have the equipment for daily use, without the large initial outlay of buying.


Testing Compliance

You may have a vehicle which you need to test for compliance with a maximum likely load. You may want to test the compliance of this vehicle for overall weight and individual axle weight, but you know you will not need to weigh your vehicle frequently. A benefit to hiring an axle pad system in this instance is that you can weigh your vehicles for compliance for a minimal sum. You could do this every few months if necessary, but using hire equipment means you can do this at a fraction of the cost of buying, and you don’t have any of the added responsibility of ensuring the equipment is regularly serviced and calibrated.


There can be many benefits to a business for hiring an axle pad system, and many different reasons why you might need to hire an axle pad system, or another piece of weighing equipment. If your business could benefit from either short- or long-term hire of an axle pad system or any other weighing equipment, contact Solent Scales today to see how we can help, or offer a quotation.