What Is A Column Scale?


Column scales are a staple device used in the medical field. The term “Column Scale” is a generic term, used to encompass any personal floor scale where the display is elevated above the weighing platform (on a column, hence the name).

Marsden MBF-6010

Column scales are a preferred method of weighing for medical practitioners, due to how easily accessible the display is. This allows the medical professional, as well as the weighed person, to easily and comfortably see what’s displayed on the screen, to edit the preferences and to choose different weighing functions.

Class III Approved

As with all our medical weighing scales, our column scales are Class III approved, meaning they can be used in a medical environment.


Height Measurement

The column itself allows for the addition of extra functionality not found on other forms of scales. Most commonly, this is the addition of a “height measurement rod”. This is a large bar that extends upwards from the column, with a sliding rule to measure the height of the person being weighed. This can be a mechanical height measurement stick where you simply read the measurement off from the rod; or one which is tied into the electronics and displays it on the main screen.

Some premium models don’t even need to be adjusted to measure the patient’s height. These models use ultrasonic technology to measure where the top of the weighed person’s head is and calculates the height (incredibly accurately) from there.



The calculation of both height and weight allows the scales to automatically display other calculations such as BMI. Some models even come equipped with body composition capabilities, through conductors on the weigh plate. This allows an accurate, fast and easy calculation of body fat percentage.



Many models even make this data easily available, by having the ability to be connected wireless to nearby printers, data displays, and computers, making it easier than ever to keep records up-to-date and distribute data.

However, not all column scales are high-tech and packed full of features. Some are barebones and affordable systems which simply provide an accurate and reliable measurement to the user, without thrills or gadgets. Some column scales are even available in the mechanical variety. They don’t rely on electronics to get the job done and are still Class III accredited.

If you’re looking for a high-quality set of column scales for your facility, take a look at the range available. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, give us a ring and we will work out the best solution for your application.