Cardinal 190 Storm

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Tough, Robust & IP69K Waterproof

  • IP69K rating
  • Built-In RS232 communications port
  • Capacitive Touch Keys
  • Colour Changing - Traffic Light for Checkweighing

The IP69K "Storm" display has a colour changing screen, target weights, battery option, WiFi, Ethernet, USB and more. Using the 190 Wi-Fi card, multiple target weights and tolerances can be wirelessly sent to the 190 Storm from a central PC server. This makes check-weighing simple so you will never waste materials. The 190 can also update the PC with all live weighing data.

Specifically designed for service in the food processing industry, the Cardinal 190 Storm comes with the highest protection rating possible (IP69K). This high-impact indicator is perfect for the Chemical Industry, Pharmaceutical and almost any other harsh application environment.

Its functional design allows for a more sanitary environment, eliminating debris and water that can collect in significant areas. With additional features such as extreme-duty 190 Storm indicators and pre-assigned colorZone displays, this particular indicator is both versatile and comprehensive, recognised as being unmatched within the industry. 

This scale comes with an IP69K rating for high-pressure water jet cleaning (1450PSI) at high temperatures of up to 176 degrees Fahrenheit or 80 degrees Centigrade.

  • Large 1-inch-high clearly-visible LCD
  • Versatile Power Options: AC, DC & rechargeable battery
  • Built-In RS232 communications port
  • Highest protection rate possible
  • ColourZone Check Weighing
  • Capacitive Touch Keys
  • Ultra-Tough enclosure

This indicator has proven handy for the MOD & Army recently, when purchased with Peak-Hold enabled and a platform they make a great scale for the "Mid-Thigh Pull Test" used in the Army.